A comedy trailer for next week's Emmys is reuniting the stars of "Breaking Bad."  Instead of taking on their former roles as meth makers Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul play the hillbilly owners of the "Barely Legal Pawn Shop."  

Shot in a reality show documentary style, the six-minute trailer centers around Julia Louis-Dreyfus who, as herself, comes to the pawn shop to sell off her Supporting Actress Emmy from "Seinfeld."  She explains that she's strapped for cash after drunkenly buying an island online. 

The actress haggles with Buzz and Randy as they quiz her about her television career, playing dumb to get a good deal.  She ends up taking the Emmy back, and accidentally catches the two in the back of the shop suiting up in protective gear and masks, as Walter and Jesse did so often in "Breaking Bad."  Much to her surprise, the suits and masks are for their dog grooming side business.  

Cranston, Paul and Louis-Dreyfus are all nominees this year.  The Emmys airs Monday, August 25th at 8 p.m. Eastern on NBC. 

Photo: YouTube