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(Yahoo!) - Nearly a half century into his career, David Bowie is still making waves. His latest volley: the decidedly anti-war video for "I'd Rather Be High (Venetian Mix)," a track featured on the recently released "The Next Day Extra," a deluxe version of his latest album.

Bowie surprised fans in March with the release of "The Next Day," his first album in a decade. The collection, which topped the charts in 15 countries, has been widely praised by critics, earning a spot on a slew of year-end "best of" lists. It's also spawned a series of eye-catching videos. "The Next Day Extra," which features the original 14-track album, a 10-track CD of bonus songs — including "I'd Rather Be High (Venetian Mix)" — as well as a DVD featuring video clips, was released last month.

The new video for "I'd Rather Be High" may be Bowie's boldest statement yet. The clip pairs vintage footage of soldiers at war contrasted with servicemen celebrating at dances and parades while Bowie sings, "I'd rather be high / I'd rather be flying / I'd rather be dead or out of my head / Than training these guns on those men in the sand." Later in the song, Bowie croons, "I'm 17 and my looks can prove it / I'm so afraid that I will love it / I'd rather smoke and phone my ex / Be pleading for some teenage sex." In the video, Bowie is only seen briefly, through a distorted lens, singing the song.

Directed by Tom Hingston, the "I'd Rather Be High" clip is not the first time the song has been put to visuals. It also served as the soundtrack to the Louis Vuitton ad "L'Invitation au Voyage," which has been viewed more than 32 million times on YouTube since it was posted in early November. The 60-second clip (there is also a full 3-minute, 48-second version) features Bowie singing the lyrics at what appears to be an 18th century French masquerade party.

"I'd Rather Be High (Venetian Mix)" is also being issued on a special white vinyl 12-inch along with a mix of "Love Is Lost" by former LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy, on Dec. 16, in a special die-cut sleeve designed by Jonathan Barnbrook.