This is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and JFK wasn't the only death that day... it was also the end of the career of comedian Vaughn Meader.

Meader had a HUGE comedy album called The First Family, which featured his perfect impression of the president.  When JFK's life ended so did the career of Vaughn Meader.  Read about him here.

Speaking of guys that impersonate the president does anyone remember a morning DJ in the 70's here in Rochester named Hans Petersen?  He was on 95 WBBF, had a bunch of characters he created, and his impression of then prez Jimmy Carter.

I think about Petersen sometimes, and wonder what happened to him... maybe someday someone will invent a magical machine that will allow me to type in his name and do a search.  I think it was his show that got me interested in funny morning radio when I was a kid.  Thank you Hans.