I've been trying to eat better since being diagnose with diabetes, but every once in awhile (not too often) I wind up cheating a little.

A study came out this summer with a list of the top food cravings most likely to ruin a diet.  And CHOCOLATE was number one.


It was sponsored by Splenda, so obviously their motives are suspect.  But the list actually includes a lot of things that don't have sugar, so maybe it still helps.

Here's the top ten.


1.  Chocolate... definitely for me, but luckily there is a sugar free chocolate pudding that i like, and can have once a day if I want.


2.  Potato chips...  Yeah, I miss these, but not one of my big cravings.


3.  Cheese... I get to have cheese, so yay for me.


4.  Bread... Italian bread, and white bread and rolls in general might be my biggest craving, that I've been pretty good at not having at all.  This might be one of the worst things I can eat.


5.  Wine... not an issue for me, i don't drink.


6.  Cake....  Sometimes, but I'd rather have apple or pumpkin pie... or a hot fudge sundae.


7.  Cookies... yup


8.  Candy... love licorice, Sour Patch Kids, and Starburst.  All HUGE no no's


9.  Chinese food... nah... I like it, but don't miss it.


10.  Indian food... not at all.

Where is pizza?  Garbage Plates?