For years the TV show that has never been released on DVD is finally coming.  The rights have been sorted out, and sometime this year we'll be seeing the video release of the mid 60's Batman starring Adam West and Burt Ward.

Break here for me to do my happy dance...

Seriously, can I order it now?

The big announce was made yesterday on Twitter by, of all people, Conan O'Brien and then confirmed by multiple sources.

How big a Batman fan am I (and Susan)?  Did you see our wedding cake?  By the way, that's a Bat Signal that Joker and Harley Quinn are standing on.

the cupcakes?

the wedding rings with bat symbols on them?

the Arkham Asylum sneakers we wore.  Mine with Batman on one, Joker on the other say Groom.  Susan's had Batman and Catwoman tied together on one, Harley Quinn on the other, and say Bride.

and even Susan's bouquet...

Like I said, we like Batman (especially me).  Can't wait for Batman '66 to be on DVD.