This afternoon, the U.S. national team takes on Belgium with the hope of staying alive in the World Cup tournament.

If you’re able to watch it, there are some people you just don’t want to watch it with...Chances are you’ve come across a few of these guys at some point as well. Hell, you MIGHT even be one of them:

The Soccer Snob: Most of us don’t know -- or care -- much about soccer. This guy will go to great lengths just to point out that you know squat about the sport.

The Johnny Tryhard Guy:  American flag apparel: Check. Face Paint: check. Team USA scarf: Check. UghIt’s too much. Even if George Washington somehow managed to waltz into the place, I bet he’d punch this guy square in the face.

Anti-Soccer Guy: This guy is a total downer who thinks soccer is lame. He’s not rooting for Team USA. Instead he just wants to talk trash about the entire sport. It gets old fast.

The Poser: This guy pretends to be a huge fan, when the truth is he just jumped on the bandwagon last week. America doesn’t like fakes.

The “Goooooaaaaaaaaaaaallll” Yeller:  The joke is annoying -- unless you’re a Spanish-language sportscaster with more lung power than the most talented opera singers – if that’s not you, just don’t.