About two years ago, 55-year-old Meloney Selleneit of Centerville, Utah told her husband, 53-year-old Michael Selleneit, that their neighbor had been sexually assaulting her.



Not because he'd ever touched her . . . or even SAID anything to her.  She said she was a victim of, quote, "telepathic rape."  He was just doing it with his mind.  Her husband actually BELIEVED her . . . and was ALSO convinced the neighbor was using crack cocaine to control his wife's mind.



So Meloney bought Michael a gun . . . he couldn't buy one himself, because he was a convicted felon . . . and he SHOT their 41-year-old neighbor, Tony Pierce, twice. 



Fortunately, Pierce survived.  Since, in case you hadn't caught on, he didn't do ANYTHING, except get caught up in his neighbor's crazy delusions.



Now the Selleneits are finally on trial.  Meloney has pleaded guilty to attempted criminal solicitation and possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person.  Michael pleaded guilty to attempted manslaughter and use of a firearm by a restricted person.



He has been sentenced to anywhere from two to 30 years in prison.  And she'll be sentenced next month.  Both of them tried to plead insanity, but were denied.