This coming Sunday is the Super Bowl of professional wrestling... it's Wrestlemania XXX.  See?  Roman numerals just like the Super Bowl and everything.  I have a few people coming over to my house to watch it with me on the WWE Network, Susan is making food, and we're expecting to have some fun.


What do I think is going to happen?  Let's run down the card...


Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena-  I love the Wyatt Family cult gimmick... creepy and spooky.  Bray will have his followers Eric Rowan and Luke Harper (Rochester's own) outside the ring, so expect a little interference from them, but not for the match's finish.  I'm predicting an upset with Bray Wyatt beating Cena... it'll elevate a new star, and Cena won't lose any of his credibility as a top tier guy by losing this match.  Plus I LOVE the Wyatt Family entrance music video...



The Shield vs. Kane and The New Age Outlaws- Some people think the Shield are heading for a breakup, but I don't think that's gonna happen yet... although Roman Reigns is destined for stardom as a singles wrestler.  Look for Reigns to pin one of the Old Age Outlaws.


Speaking of the Outlaws, they've been doing their little pre-match speech spiel for 20 years now, and I still love it... and if you don't I've got two words for ya!!! (Fill in the blank)....



Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H- The match I'm really looking forward to.  One of the greatest of all time (and now Vince McMahon's real life son in law) fighting on behalf of "The Authority" vs. the most popular guy in wrestling, and hero of underdogs everywhere.  The winner of this match goes on to become the third member of a Triple Threat Match against champion Randy Orton and challenger Batista.  Bryan's gotta win, or the place will riot.  YES!! YES!! YES!!


If you haven't seen it, check out the brutal beatdown Bryan took at Raw a couple weeks ago.  Stephanie McMahon may be a bitch (in character), but she's hot.



Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar-  I'm expecting a great match here.  The Undertaker will continue his Wrestlemania streak, and be 22-0 at the WWE's big show when the night is over.



Randy Orton vs. Batista vs. Daniel Bryan/Triple H Winner- Like I said, Bryan better win or things may get ugly.  



There is also a tag team match, a Battle Royal, and divas match that I don't have any real thoughts on, except AJ Lee is the best crazy hot chick ever.



I am going to bet a BIG longshot, and say C.M. Punk shows up in some capacity... his first appearance in WWE since walking out after The Royal Rumble.  A guy can hope can't he?  This is what happened when Monday Night Raw was in Punk's hometown of Chicago a few weeks ago... The show opened with Cult Of Personality by Living Colour (C.M.'s entrance song), and then out came.... BRILLIANCE!!!