For a bunch of years Brother Wease and I did a music show on Saturday mornings, and although it's no longer broadcast on the radio I realized that the company I work for has given me all the tools I need to share the music I love with you.


I hope you'll join me here every Saturday (give or take) at 10am as I try and show you what is musically going on in my brain.  I'm going to break each show up into 3 or 4 segments for easy digestion.  The first part will be here at 10, and then for the next couple hours more will show up every 20 minutes or half hour, so keep returning to my main page for the latest updates.  When I'm done for the day I'll let you know that too. 


While this isn't exactly like being on the radio there are a few definite positives to what I'm doing here...

- You'll be able to check it out on your own schedule.  Sure, I hope you're at your computer, phone or tablet at 10am on Saturdays, but if you're not you won't miss anything.

- You'll always know the name of the song and who did it.  I'll also be writing a sentence or two about each song, and if you have any other questions or comments you can email or Tweet @RadioBillyD 

- You don't have to listen to my nasally Rochester accent, fumbling as I trip over my words, or get frustrated when I push a wrong button or get a cd that skips.

- If you really like a song you can listen to it again immediately, and as often as you want.  If you don't like something, skip to the next song... but I hope you try all of them, and don't skip something without sampling it.  That's how you'll find new songs to like.

- I hear this whole internet thing is very popular with the young people.  It's really starting to catch on.


See ya Saturday with old music, new music, bands you know and love, acts you've never heard of, and stuff you've never heard anywhere else... ya know, just like the old days.



I want to thank my wife Susan for planting the idea in my head.  I think it's a good one.  It'll give me a chance purge the thoughts about music that are always rolling around in my brain.  If you enjoy it you can thank her too.