Looks like I'm not the only one annoyed by people with cell phones at concerts... talking, taking photos and video.... it seems that guitar legend Peter Frampton gets annoyed to.  He did something about it....


Next time you go to a Peter Frampton concert, pay attention to that whole "no pictures with flash" warning. At a concert in Indiana a couple came in late and sat in the front row and started taking pictures with the flash. A few times Frampton directly asked them to stop, but they kept on their merry way.

A woman sitting behind them told the couple no flash was allowed which stopped the pictures for a little while. After the male of the couple had flipped off Frampton, the guitar legend asked to see the pictures he had been taking all night. Then, he tossed the phone for the rafters.

A fellow, more polite concertgoer, wrote about the incident for OnStageMagazine, saying the woman tried to take a flash picture as the band took a bow and even tried to get an autograph and photo from Frampton.