I'm very lucky!!!  I have a fiance that not only puts up with me being a geek, she supports it and enjoys it.  Yesterday was my birthday, and what else would you get a 48 year old man but comic book related stuff?

Let's start with the decorations, shall we?

Batman "Brave and the Bold" banners for the curtains.

"I Hunger!!!"...  The big 2 foot tall figure is Galactus, maybe the Fantastic Four's most dangerous enemy.  He devours planets found for him by his herald The Silver Surfer (also pictured, just to the left ofGalactus' head.  He's one of my favorite characters in comic books, and getting this couldn't have made me happier.  He even talks.

Susan saw me looking at it one day at Comic Book Heaven on St. Paul, but it was more than I could afford, so she went back and got it for me... and hid it for 2 months.  AWESOME!!!

... and more Batman decorations for the fridge.  She found them in the kids section at a party supply store.  They must've been misplaced, because I'm not a kid.

Thank you honey!!!