Even if you don't regularly dream, you can probably remember at least one that was off-the-wall INSANE.  Here are seven random things that can influence the kind of dreams you have . . .



1.  Your favorite sleeping position.  That's the one you usually wake up in.  Stomach sleepers tend to have erotic and perverse dreams.  If you sleep on your left side, you have more nightmares. 



Right-side sleepers have the most relaxing dreams.  And they also feel the best in the morning.



2.  Whether or not you had music lessons as a kid.  People who had music lessons early . . . while their brains were still developing . . . usually have music in their dreams.  Sometimes it's music they've never even heard before. 



3.  The kind of cheese you like.  Cheddar cheese supposedly inspires peaceful dreams.  And blue cheese, especially the pungent stuff, causes freaky ones.



4.  The planet's magnetic field.  Basically, if the earth's geomagnetic activity is calm, your body can produce more melatonin.  That's a sleep hormone, so you sleep better and have more vivid dreams.



5.  What time you go to bed.  Night owls have more nightmares.  The theory is that if you go to bed late, you're waking up EARLIER than you naturally would.  Probably in the middle of a deep sleep.  And that's when intense dreams tend to happen.



6.  Your video game avatar.  Weirdly, people who play a lot of video games have more control and awareness in their dreams . . . almost as if they're playing a game character.



7.  The one thing you want to avoid.  If there's something that you want to NOT think about . . . it's pretty much guaranteed that it's going to show up in one of your dreams.