If you watched last night's NFC Championship Game you probably saw this, but if you didn't, or just want to see in again, check out cornerback Richard Sherman's post game interview.

This is causing controversy because even though sports fans say they are tired of cliches if an athlete says what's really on their minds fans get angry.  Debate was raging on social media last night, and all over sports talk radio after Sherman talked to Erin Andrews last night.

Seattle's Sherman had just intercepted a last second pass by the 49ers Colin Kapernick to Michael Crabtree to clinch the game for the Seahawks.

Personally I think what Sherman said was hilarious, awesome, and brilliant.  Why brilliant?  Because he knew by not swearing on national TV he'd be the soundbite for the next two weeks leading to the Super Bowl.  If this was professional wrestling he just turned heel (and admit it, the bad guys in movies, tv, books, wrestling, comic books, etc. are always the more interesting characters).