I was watching CBS Sunday Morning this weekend, and wanted to share this great salute they did to country rock pioneer Phil Everly, who passed away last week.

Seriously, if you're a fan of music at all watch this 3 minute piece...

Phil and Don Everly also set the tone for brothers with bands fighting.  They managed to hold it together during their first 20 years, but things came to a head when Don showed up drunk to a show in Hollywood in 1973. He kept screwing up the lyrics until Phil smashed a guitar over his head and stormed out. The only time the brothers spoke during the next decade was at their father's funeral. The brothers patched things up in 1983 enough to embark on a lucrative nostalgia tour and concert for HBO, but tensions remained, and hadn't performed together since a brief European tour in 2005. 

Other bands with fighting brothers include The Kinks, Oasis, The Blasters, The Beach Boys, and others.