It's funny how songs pop into your head.  Normally I do this blog from home, but I had to come into work this morning to meet some people to go to the Lilac Fest, so I'm currently at my Brew computer.


I was walking down East Ave this morning to get here, and in the middle of the sidewalk was a pair of sneakers.  Where did they come from?  Whose are they?  Doesn't that person miss their shoes?  How did they wind up side by side, but without their owner?  Are they being worn by an invisible ghost standing perfectly still?  These are the questions I ask myself.  A song also immediately jumps in my head, and refuses to leave... I've been singing it to myself ever since my encounter with the footwear.  "Nashville Sneakers" by The Guess Who....



...and one good sneaker song deserves another.  Here's Steely Dan with Bad Sneakers.  Is it me, or does Donald Fagen have fangs? 



Here's something that a lot of you probably didn't think I'd ever say.... how about some Metallica?  Actually, I appreciate their musicianship, and really like their S&M album... it's them playing live with an orchestral symphony (S&M stands for Symphony and Metallica in this case).  Enter Sandman is just a great rock and roll song.



That's it for me this week.  a little short, but Brooksie is waiting for me. Email or tweet @RadioBillyD if ya got somethin' to say.