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I'm assuming anybody checking this out on purpose probably knows what a huge Bruce Springsteen fan I am, and I'm warning you there's a good chance something by him will be featured just about every week.


Thundercrack is a song that was a staple of his live shows in the early 70's, although a studio version didn't show up on an album until the Tracks box set in 1998.  This performance from '73 is where Bruce and the E Street Band channeled their in "inner jam band".  I love watching Bruce, Clarence, Danny, Garry, and Vini just "lock in" and go for a ride together, through all kinds of peaks and valleys.  The bittersweet thing about this video is that the two guys that get the most face time (besides Bruce himself) are Phantom Dan Federici and The Big Man Clarence Clemons, who have both passed away in the past few years.


I love the line "my heart's wood, she's the carpenter...."



The production/publishing company owned by Springsteen is called "Thrill Hill Productions"... do you know why?  It's an homage to a song by one of his biggest musical influences, early soul pioneer Hank Ballard.



A young white guy that sings and plays guitar like an old black man... check out Jonny Lang as he covers Stevie Wonder.



I love covers.  I just found this one a couple days ago, and like this one for a few reasons... the biggest being that I can finally understand the words to a song I've never understood (although the lyrics printed on the video are a big help too).  Raul Malo, lead singer from the Mavericks, remakes the Hollies classic "Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress".  Read along with the words.  You'll go "Really?  Oh yeahhhhh!!!"




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