Well, the first week of "blogcasting" went well enough.  I got some nice comments from people who checked it out, and my boss said he thought it was a great idea, and wishes one of us had thought of it a couple years ago.  If you missed the first show you can go HERE to see what you missed.


Last week I asked if I should continue the tradition of starting each show with a version of Good Morning Little School Girl, and most of the people that shared their opinion thought so.  It might still change, but for now why not?  It's not like another song will get squeezed out if I play it.  Unlike the old radio show I have as much, or as little, time as I want for the music.  It'll all depend on my schedule and energy on a given week.  If I play a 10 minute version of GMLSG I'm not stealing minutes away from another tune I like, and some of you really enjoy the song.  This week it's Widespread Panic...


What do you get when you cross rockabilly and big band with a little bit of a punk sensibility?  The Brian Setzer Orchestra making their first TV appearance on Late Night With David Letterman.  Check out Paul Schaffer with some hair, and a young Dave.


If you're like me there is a chance you don't get a chance to check out Top 40 music very often.  I found out this next song is the biggest hit in te country right now, but I heard it for the first time earlier this week.  I love it.  It's like the best Motown song of 1970, but it was recorded and released in 2014.  Pharrell Williams makes me "Happy".


One "Happy" deserves another... here's Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes covering the Rolling Stones song of the same name.



I'm gonna take a little break, find more music, and be back HERE in a bit with Part 2 of the Billy D'Ettorre Saturday Morning Music Blogcast.


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