When the Billy and Wease Saturday Morning Music Show was cancelled just about 2 years ago I was upset for a couple reasons.  The obvious one was that I loved being of the radio sharing music that I enjoyed, but another one was that one day before I was told about it's ending I had just placed a big order with Amazon for cds I wanted to play on the air.  I felt I had just wasted a bunch of money... but of course I hadn't.  I still get to enjoy the discs on my own time.  This posting will have some songs from those two year cds that I didn't get to share when they were new.


This is Warren Haynes, with a band that's not the Allman Brothers and not Gov't Mule, Live at the Moody Theater covering Steely Dan's "Pretzel Logic"



Speaking of great covers, this was also part of that same large music order a couple years ago... The Blasters "I'm Shakin'" as done by Jack White.  He kind of looks like Johnny Depp in that Gilbert Grape movie.



Another cover from that same batch of music... Joan Osborne doing "Shake Your Hips", originally by bluesman Slim Harpo, but this version reminds me of the Stones.



Finally someone doing an original tune, and this has been one of my favorite songs since the first time I heard it.  U saw this band open for Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers a couple years ago, and they knocked me out.  I wound up leaving that gig with cds, a tshirt, and a new band to tell people about.  They are Sons of Bill, this song is called "Santa Ana Winds".

I'm gonna do something I wouldn't be able to do on the radio... give you the choice of a studio version and a live version.  I love the studio version because it really accentuates the phenomenal lyrics, but the concert clip has great energy and really get off watching and hearing the fans sing along... I'd be one of them (but if you're don't know the words you might be missing some of the fun).




Still more music coming, as soon as I figure out what it is.  Check back HERE.  Any comments, questions, or suggestions?  Email billy@wease.com or Tweet @RadioBillyD if you're on Twitter.