Time for another couple hours of the music I'm in the mood to listen to this weekend.  As always, let me know what you like, and what you don't.  Send me comments, questions, suggestions, and requests anytime you want... billy@wease.com, on Twitter @RadioBillyD, or via the comment box at the bottom of this page (via Facebook).


This week's version of Good Morning Little Schoolgirl is The Yardbirds.  This might be sacrilegious to say, but this might be my favorite version of this song... I've a big fan of the British Invasion sound, and this has it.  It's definitely different from all the bluesy versions, and that's funny because Eric Clapton plays lead guitar on this one.



As long as I'm in the 60's mood right now check out this AMAZING performance from the Godfather Of Soul, James Brown doing "Please, Please, Please".  This is where I'm glad I have a visual element to what I'm doing... the energy of the performance may come across with audio alone, but seeing it is a way to really understand how James got his reputation as a great showman.



I may as well get my weekly Bruce Springsteen song out of the way by showing you how Bruce pays homage to James Brown's schtick with some fun stuff of his own.  This is the E Street Band from 1980 covering Gary "US" Bonds...



This next band is named The Hold Steady, and they're from Brooklyn.  They've been around for a few years now, and have a new album out called "Teeth Dreams", and the current single is called "Spinners".  They're at The Water Street Music Hall on Monday 4/21.  Can my old ass take a late night out to see them, and come to work early the next morning?  I'm considering it.  I've seen them before, and they're definitely worth experiencing again.  



We'll close up this segment with a music video that might be one of my favorite's on the web.... it makes me happy, and depresses me at the same time.


Back in 2007 Ed Robertson and Steven Page, the two driving forces behind the band Barenaked Ladies, did a series of videos of them doing some BNL songs with just their voices and an acoustic guitar in a bathroom.  These are called (appropriately enough) The Bathroom Sessions).  This version of "Some Fantastic" always makes me smile big, and sing along.  It gives me chills how Steve and Ed's voices blend... no duo is better than them.


Why does this make me sad?  Because Steve and Ed no longer sing or play together.  Steve left Barenaked Ladies under some unfortunate circumstances, and now has his own solo career.  Ed has continued fronting the band with Jim Creeggan, Kevin Hearn, and Tyler Stewart.  While I still enjoy them separately, I really miss these two guys being together, and hope they reunite someday... not just musically, but to mend a long time friendship. 


This song also seems fitting because they're singing about missing that special person in their lives... I'm hoping they miss each other.



I'll be back in just a bit with more tunes for Easter Weekend Saturday.