When Susan and I first discovered we had similar tastes in music a few years ago we started sending each other cd's, dvd's, and mp3's of stuff we liked that the other one didn't have.  Susan sent me a 2cd soundtrack for Martin Scorcese's awesome blues documentary/concert film "Lightning in a Bottle".  Click the link to see the full track listing.  This is Robert Cray and Shemekia Copeland doing "I Pity The Fool".


I think they should've had Mr. T do a verse.




Earlier this week I was at the Rochester Red Wings game with some people I work with when my boss Dave said, while checking emails on his phone, "There's breaking news from CNN that Nobel Prize winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez has died... I've never heard of him, have you?" I had heard of him.


I can't say I've ready anything he'd written (I'm not that smart), but I did know the name for one reason... he is mentioned in a song by the band Moxy Fruvous called "My Baby Loves A Bunch Of Authors".  I'd like to send this song out to Susan for a couple reasons...

- She reads more books than anyone I know.

- She and I have both said that if we ever win the lottery we want to pay Moxy Fruvous to do a reunion concert... and not just for friends and family.  The Toronto band had a fervent following here in Rochester, and I'd like a big crowd of Fruheads there, like the ones I used to see them with back in the 90's to sing, dance, and have fun like we did back then.  I'm not inviting the lady that introduced them on this clip, and got the name of the song wrong.


RIP Gabriel Garcia Marquez.



That made me want to do another Fruvous song... they have rockin' songs, ballads, funny tunes, acapella... so many to choose from.  How about this Tom Waits cover....  Once again, the host of this TV show has no idea who they are, and ya know there is no more appreciative audience that a bunch of housewives off the streets of Toronto.




I've fallen down a Moxy Fruvous rabbit hole and I can't get out.... one more.  This is the type of live show I miss... with lots of fans, and no TV hosts that have never heard of them...



Have you had enough Moxy Fruvous yet?  I'd love to keep going with them, but at least that last song got me moving on to something else.  This next song I saw Moxy Fruvous perform a few times without realizing it was a cover... i thought it was a new song that wasn't on a cd yet.  Then one night they mentioned it was a Stevie Wonder song.  I've been accused of being a "know it all", but until then I didn't know who did this tune.


I've been a fan of oldies since I was a little kid.  Thanks to my brother Tom and the TV show Happy Days I was probably the only 11 year old that owned a copy of Dion and the Belmonts Greatest Hits.  Dion Dimucci had  (or maybe still has, I hope I'm not prematurely ending his career) a great voice.  Here he is in 1995 with a killer bluesy version of Fabian's "Turn Me Loose"



We'll close this set with something a little more modern... Susan found this one a day or two ago and sent me a link.  Just a fun, happy song and I love seeing these regular people dancing and having a good time.  Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros "Man On Fire"...



 What do you like?  Not like?    Let me know.  It won't change my taste in music, but maybe I'd be more conscious of what I share with you.  billy@wease.com  or @RadioBillyD