When you think of the British Invasion what bands do you think of?  The Beatles of course.  The Rolling Stones, naturally.  The Who?  Probably.  Ya know who almost never gets mentioned, and I think is one of the most underrated groups in the history of rock and roll?  The Kinks.


I'm gonna say something that may leave you doubting my taste and knowledge of music.  I actually prefer The Kinks to the Stones... in fact when I'm really honest with myself I kind of like the Dave Clark 5 more than the Rolling Stones.  Don't get me completely wrong, I like Mick, Keith and the rest a lot.  I've seen them live a couple times, and own a bunch of their music, but I don't understand how they earned the nickname of The Greatest Rock and Roll Band of All Time.  Just my opinion.


All that was just a really long way of saying "here's some Kink's for you", and because I'm a fan of old movies I love this take on old time Hollywood.



I may love the music of the Dave Clark 5, but they're terrible lip syncers...



and so the Stones fans don't lynch me, some GREAT blues-rock from them...



I was at the Amerks game last night, and one of the songs they used during a stoppage was Lenny Kravitz's "Are You Gonna Go My Way?".  Anyone remember his cool blues version of this from MTV Unplugged in 1994?  One question though... can it be considered "unplugged" if you're using electric instruments?



Tomorrow is Easter.  Was Jesus the original "walker"?  He rose from the dead just like on "The Walking Dead"?  Here is a "Jesus" song for you... Robert Randolph and the Family Band's excellent cover of "Jesus Is Just Alright" (with a little help from Eric Clapton).



A little "Billy Trivia" for you for when I become rich and famous, worthy of a question of Jeopardy or something... my first date with Susan was a Robert Randolph concert at the NY State Fair in Syracuse.


Towards the beginning of the show I played something new by The Hold Steady, who are at The Water Street Music Hall on Monday night.  I'm going to close today with one of my favorite songs by them from a few years ago... "Magazines".  Lead singer Craig Finn isn't known for his enunciation, and I really like these Elvis Costello-ish lyrics about the hot, but f'ed up main character he's in love with, so go read along with the words HERE.


Here's is the most inside comment ever... I think only on person (maybe two) reading this will know what I'm talking about... Is it just me, or does Craig Finn look like Steve Baker?



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