Back for part 3 or the musical collage running thru my head on a Saturday morning.  The last set had a bunch of cover tunes that I like, and even though I took a break I still have a couple more I want to share.


This is very early Barenaked Ladies, I think even before their first album came out in '92.  It's their version of Dean Friedman's college radio hit "McDonald's Girl".  Even though I've been to about 30 BNL concerts I've only seen them do this once.  They've said that as they got older it felt creepy singing about having a crush on a teenage girl working at McDonald's. 



Remember back in Part 2 when talking about "guilty pleasures" I said I loved the Monkees...  Michael Nesmith has put out a ton of excellent solo work.  His country-rock releases in the early 70's are quality stuff.  Check out Papa Nez's lovely version of the Derek and the Dominos song "I Looked Away"...



The last cover for now is John Fogerty and Creedence Clearwater Revival doing Ray Charles' "Night Time Is The Right Time" live at The Royal Albert Hall.  A knockout performance, but someone please tell Fogerty that Moe Howard, Pete Rose, Prince Valiant, and the country of China want their haircut back (thank you Bobby Slayton)..




If you listen to The Wease Show you're probably familiar with the name Roger Clyne because Wease often mentions the tequila called "Mexican Moonshine" that Roger makes.  I don't drink, and couldn't care less about the booze... all I care about is the music that Clyne and his band The Peacemakers put out, and the amazing live shows that this Arizona based band do.  It actually frustrates me that Wease always mentions the alcohol, and not the music.


They have a new cd coming out on April 29th called "Independant", but since I don't have anything from that yet I'll give you a starter course on RCPM with a couple of their more popular live tunes. 


Before the Peacemakers Roger fronted a band called The Refreshments, and you might know them for a couple songs... the theme from the animated TV show "King Of The Hill", and their alternative radio hit "Banditos".  This is the Peacemakers doing a live version of the latter....



... and this is from their most recent album "Unida Cantina", from a couple years ago.  I know it's still not quite picnic weather, but we're getting closer, so I wanted to play "Heaven On A Paper Plate" for you.



We'll close up this segment with some straight up rock and roll from George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers.  This is his homage to Chicago blues, and the legendary Chess Records (the label that gave us Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Willie Dixon, and a ton more).  The song is called "Going Back", and it's from the album "2120 South Michigan Avenue" (which was Chess Records address).


A few more tunes to segue your Saturday morning into Saturday afternoon coming soon.  Want to get in touch with me?  It's easy... just email or send a tweet @RadioBillyD.