If you follow this blog there is a good chance you're a fan of the Brother Wease Morning Show, where I work everyday.  If you listen to The Wease Show maybe you heard some of our annual 24 Hour Show just before the December holiday break.  If you listened to the 24 Hour Show maybe you heard Susan and I get married live on the show, with the ceremony officiated by Pastor Wease himself.  If you heard the wedding you heard me serenade my new wife with The Indigo Girls song "The Power Of Two", singing along with the live version from the CD "1200 Curfew".  That almost didn't happen.


What I originally wanted to do for a wedding song was hire my friend, singer-songwriter Chris Trapper, and have him come in from Boston, or wherever he was touring, to sing a song that means a lot to us.  Because of scheduling and finances we just couldn't make it work, so I went to Plan B (which turned into an A+).


Chris will be performing at Abilene Bar And Lounge Thurs. May 1st thru Sat. May 3rd, and we'll be there Friday and Saturday.  I hope that if you like the same music I do that you'll buy a ticket and come see him.  Maybe he'll play this for Mr. and Mrs. D'Ettorre, since we couldn't do it on the wedding day.



By request from Steve over at Checker Flag Cycle here's a little Natalie Merchant (looking really adorable), along with her former band 10,000 Maniacs live on the Tonight Show with their song "Candy Everybody Wants".  Hey! Hey! Give 'em what they want.




Have noticed that I like quirky, acoustic based bands from Canada?  Here's another one.  Great Big Sea will be telling you about "The Night Pat Murphy Died"...


You're probably saying to yourself "C'mon Billy, where's the rock and roll?"  How about Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band doing "Bo Diddley/Who Do You Love" from the classic Live Bullet album.


I have comics to read (and some "real" books too), TV to watch, podcasts to listen to... I'm very busy ya know, so I'll finish up today with a cut from "Live At Daryl's House" with Daryl Hall and ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons covering Sam and Dave's "I Thank You".



That seems like a good way to end this week.  I'm gonna work on that reference page so you (and I) can easily find every song I've put on this blog.  Have a great weekend.  If you have any requests, suggestions, comments, or questions it's as easy as emailing billy@wease.com or tweeting @RadioBillyD