Hope you're enjoying today's edition of the Saturday Morning Music Blogcast.  If you missed the first two parts (or anything from the past few weeks) just scroll through my older blog entries.... they'll live on forever (or until I get fired or die, whichever comes first).


I've got a couple songs I'd like to dedicate to my dentist, Dr. Paul Sussmam at the Center For Cosmetic Dentistry in Greece Ridge Mall.  A couple years ago I went in with broken front teeth that I was really embarrassed by, and I left looking like a new person.  He and his incredible staff have been taking care of my teeth ever since.


My wife Susan has been going to Dr. Sussman for about a year now, and yesterday she got a couple dental implants she needed, and I can't tell you how thrilled she is (although if you click HERE she'll tell you herself, and you get a bonus song).  If you need a dentist give a call to 22-SMILE (227-6453) or check out his website www.22-smile.com 


I'm a HUGE fan of singer-songwriter Randy Newman (I saw him two nights in a row when he played at the Eastman Theater with the RPO a few years ago), and think this song from the movie "Parenthood" (and I think a toothpaste commercial too) is perfect for Dr. Sussman.  This song always makes me smile, and because of him we can...



Ever hear of a band called Motion City Soundtrack?  Well now you have because I'm telling you about them.  If you get the chance to see this Minnesota based group live I recommend it.  High energy, fun rock and roll if you enjoy artists like Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson, Squeeze, and Soul Asylum.


Is there a better song to dedicate to a dentist than one titled "Perfect Teeth"... plus I like the fact the lyrics have references to the Beastie Boys album "Paul's Boutique" and the TV show "Night Court"  



 Wanna know how weirdly my musical brain plays "Connect The Dots"?  I was thinking about Randy Newman.... Randy Newman wrote the song "You Can Leave Your Hat On".... Joe Cocker had a hit with "You Can Leave Your Hat On"... Joe Cocker also recorded the song "Darling Be Home Soon"... ya know who has an AMAZING version of "Darling Be Home Soon"?  The Tedeschi-Trucks Band!!  That's who!  Susan's voice is lovely, and the way Derek's solo builds is awesome. 


If you follow my way of thinking now, and you know that the band that originally wrote and recorded that last song was John Sebastian and The Loving Spoonful, you know that I HAVE to play something by them.  



 That got me thinking about "cool" country music.  Do you know who Junior Brown is?  He's been around since the mid 80's, has a really unique guitar style, and I loved Brown when I saw him open for Bob Dylan at Frontier Field.  Here is Junior Brown with the Beach Boys doing a rocking version of "409"...



Now you're probably saying "Here comes a Bob Dylan song, since Billy mentioned seeing Junior Brown opening for him."  You're very close.  You may have forgotten that earlier I mentioned Joe Cocker a couple times, and I feel bad that I haven't included something from him.  Here's Cocker covering Bob.



Now I can play some Dylan... an awesome version of "Tangled Up In Blue/Isis" live from the 1975 Rolling Thunder Review.  If he looks extra pale to you it's not because he's sick or anything.... he used clown white face makeup back then to perform. 


This is a good place to end this segment because "Isis" reminds me of the Saturday morning live action TV show from the 70's where Joanna Cameron played a teacher named Andrea Thomas and she had an amulet that let her turn into the Goddess Isis, who used her powers to catch bad guys and teach kids valuable lessons about right and wrong.


This was part of the "Shazam/Isis Hour", and occasionally Captain Marvel and Isis would crossover and help each other.  In retrospect the show was pretty terrible, but I was 10 or 11 years old and loved superheroes.  Now I'm 48 and love superheroes... but I can't think of a song for "Shazam/Captain Marvel" right now, so I'm gonna take a break.  I'll be back in a bit with Part 4 of the Saturday Morning Music Blogcast.  I'm going to see if Shazam and Isis are available on Netflix or DVD.




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