I'm gonna start off with the same warning as last week, and hope that I'm not turning into The Boy Who Cried Wolf... things might be a little short this week because I'm kind of busy.

This morning's version of "Good Morning Little School Girl" will satisfy the Deadheads that stumble across this.



For me it sounds natural to go from Jerry Garcia and Co. (who I'm not a big fan of), to a group I consider one of the greatest ever.... Robbie Robertson, Levon Helm, Rick Danko, Richard Manuel, and Garth Hudson aka The Band.  This is from the GREAT concert film The Last Waltz.  If you're a music fan and haven't seen it yet go out and get it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'll wait here.


In an age where everything is quick cut I love the way director Martin Scorcese lingers on the musicians, and just lets the performances happen organically.  We don't need falsely generated excitement... we need good music played passionately, and The Band and their special guests do this in spades.  Everything about this version of Ophelia is perfect... Levon's vocals, Robbie's guitar solos, the camera work... most of the song shot over Levon's shoulder, but LOVE the framing of the verse that happens around 1:55 where Helm is seen between Robertson and Danko.  Beautiful.


Trivia: The name Ophelia is Minnie Pearl's real first name, and the song's title is a tribute to the country comedian.



Levon, Rick, and Richard were such good singers that Robbie and Garth never did.  To be honest I don't know if Garth Hudson could sing, but Robbie Robertson had an interesting, soulful voice, and I'm a big fan of his 1987 song "Somewhere Down The Crazy River".  Steamy is an adjective that works when describing this tune.  Sound sort of like Daryl Hall.



Susan and I got married in December on The Wease Show during the 24 hour broadcast, and because we didn't have a reception then we're throwing a party next Saturday for the family and friend that couldn't be in studio with us.  The people at the party will receive a CD entitled "Billy and Susan's Wedding Playlist", that has songs that we love, fit us, and are "our songs".  Next week's blogcast will be an online version of that disc.  This next tune is a phenomenal song that I wished I could have fit on that compact disc.  If I could squeeze one more on there this is the one.


It's from the film version of the Broadway play "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" (currently starring Neil Patrick Harris on Broadway).  Don't be scared that the play/film is about a guy dressed as a woman that fronts a rock band, and was the recipient of a botched sex change operation (thus the "angry inch")... the music is awesome.  The lyrics combine "Plato's Symposium"  and ancient Greek mythology to tell "The Origin Of Love"... performed by writer/director/star John Cameron Mitchell.



Have you ever said to yourself "I wonder what it would sound like if blues legend BB King and country legend George Jones did a duet'?  Yeah, probably not, but that's the type of thing I'd say to myself.  Here they are with Clarence Carter's classic "Patches".  Bet you didn't think they could make a sad song even sadder.  Get out the tissues....



I'll close out this section with something a little more fun.  Did you know that May is National Masturbation Month?  Tell us about it Clarence Carter!!!



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