Starting Part 3 of today's show with a real rarity.  I've said many times over the years that my favorite style of music is mid 60's Motown, and that's what this is... but this isn't a hit, and probably something you've never heard before.


The name of the band is The Mynah Birds, which included 17-year old Rick "Super Freak" James on vocals, Neil Young on guitar, along with future Buffalo Springfield bass player Bruce Palmer, guitarist Little Johnny Taylor and Rickman Mason on drums. The song was originally called Little Girl, but renamed "I've Got You In My Soul", and was written by Van Morrison.



I'm in sort of a mellow mood, and just found something I have never heard before.  It's blowing my mind.


Jimmy Webb is a songwiter best known for tunes like MacArthur Park, Up Up and Away, and a bunch of Glen Campbell's biggest hits.  This is Jimmy singing Wichita Lineman with Billy Joel.  I have no idea where this came from, but I love it.  Beautiful.  Billy sounds really young.



Phil and Dave Alvin are the brothers that founded the great L.A. band The Blasters.  They've had an up and down relationship over the years both personally and musically, but I just found this piece from about a month ago, and I'm happy to see that they're working together again.  I've always been a big fan of Phil's voice.  here they are doing the blues-rock classic "Key to The Highway".



Here are the Alvin brothers in their younger days, live at Farm Aid in 1985...



I'n my opinion there are certain essential concert films, videos, and specials that are essential for any fan of real music... The Band's "The Last Waltz"and Talking Head's "Stop Making Sense", are a couple that i mention a lot, but another is Elvis Presley's '68 Comeback Special.


Elvis hadn't performed in front of a live audience in over 7 years, mostly concentrating on his movie and recording careers.  He came back with a vengeance in 1968 with a TV special for NBC that would turn his career around... a combination of big production numbers with dancers, background singers, choreography, lavish sets, costumes, etc... and more informal performances where he's just jamming with his old band.  It's a must.



A few more tunes to finish up your Saturday morning coming up in a few minutes.  Thank you very much for making it this far.  Any questions and comments can always be sent to me via Twitter @RadioBillyD or via email