Just one (really long) part to the blogcast this week, but it's a special one.  This afternoon is the wedding reception of Susan and me.  We got married in the Brew studio on The Brother Wease 24 Hour Christmahanakwanzica Spectacular back on Dec. 19th.  Just my immediate family and a couple friends were in the studio with us that night, so we are having the party for the extended family and friends today.


The people attending will be receiving as a wedding favor a mix CD made up of songs that are special to us.  Below is your version of what is on that disc.  Most of these tunes have already been on this blog over the past weeks, but today they are all collected in one place, with some notes from me about the songs...


This was our wedding song.  The video here isn't the exact version used that night... I couldn't find that one on YouTube, but is included in the final portion of this blogcast which is Track 15 of the CD... the wedding as heard that December night between 7-7:30pm.


Susan and I spent months trying to pick just the right song, and finally she said to me "pick a song and surprise me".  I decided to go one step further and surprise her by serenading it to her as it played (again, you'll hear that on Track 15).  After singing along with the top contenders this is the one that...

A.  Really touched me, and perfectly said what was in my heart.

B.  Was relatively easy for me to sing along with.


Indigo Girls- Power Of Two



Susan and I had an idea a month or so before the wedding that we loved, but couldn't quite pull off.  We wanted to hire singer-songwriter Chris Trapper to come to the wedding to do a couple special songs for us.  Chris has been a guest on Wease's show many times, he and I have become friends over the years, and these two songs describe how Susan and I feel about each other.  It came close to happening, but in the end scheduling and finances didn't quite work out in our favor.  Mr. Trapper did however do these for us at Abilene when he played there a couple weeks ago.


Chris Trapper- Away We Go



Chris Trapper- Skin



This is one of our favorite songs, and the lyrics fit the spirit of "us" perfectly... despite being a love song about a truck driver and his rig.  I couldn't find the studio version that I put on the wedding disc, so instead of Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, you have Roger solo, live, and acoustic doing "Beautiful Disaster".



If I had heard this next song a few months earlier this might have been the song I sung to Susan, but I didn't know this song until this past March, and immediately fell in love with it.  It would've been easy to sing too.  I also think this is one of the best videos I've ever seen... simple, sweet, heartwarming, and heartbreaking all in 3 minutes.


Bright Eyes- First Day Of My Life



Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook are the songwriters that founded and fronted the 80's British alt-rock band Squeeze.  A few years ago Difford reworked a bunch of his bands best known songs, turning this tune from an uptempo synth driven pop song to a lovely acoustic ballad.


Chris Difford- Take Me I'm Yours



I'm said many times over the years that I think Motown from the early 60's thru the early 70's is perfect... my absolute favorite type of music.  This duet between Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell perfectly sums up the relationship between Susan and I... "You're All I Need To Get By".... plus it's just a great song.



The first artist Susan and I bonded over was Delbert McClinton.  We're both fans, and she originally stumbled across something I wrote after a Delbert concert here in Rochester a few years ago.  That lead to her listening to the Saturday morning music show online, emailing, calling, and eventually meeting.  You could say McClinton is the reason we're together.


Delbert McClinton- Thank You Baby



No versions of this song are on YouTube... live, studio, or other, so I'm cheating here and posting the audio version.  I hope I don't get in trouble with Robin Lee Berry (the artist), Greg Brown (the songwriter, and original artist), any record companies involved, or where I work.  That's what happens when a cult artist is covered by someone even less well known.

When Susan and I first started talking on the phone we would play songs for each other... this is one that she played for me in Akron, Ohio and I heard in Rochester, NY.  That Alexander Graham Bell was a genius. 

Robin Lee Berry- Hey Baby Hey


If you know me you know I had to include one of those fun, goofy Springsteen songs I love.  Here's the version of "Without You" from the "Blood Brothers" documentary that reunited Bruce with the E Street Band in 1995...


Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band- Without You 


Maybe the prettiest song ever recorded by the most successful band in the history of music.  I hope Sir Paul does this when Susan and I see him in July.

The Beatles- I Will



Susan and I always say that if we win the lottery we want to pay the Canadian band Moxy Fruvous to do a reunion concert.  Maybe I could give them an extra couple dollars to dedicate this song to her from me.

Moxy Fruvous- I Will Hold On



I just wrote about this next song a couple weeks ago, so I won't make you read all of it again...

Partridge Family- I'm Here, You're Here 



Another cheat because the exact version of the song I need isn't on YouTube, and it's important to me because this particular live performance of "Days" by Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers shows the joy and fun music can bring to people's lives, especially people that are important to each other.  This comes from the NPR radio show "Mountain Stage"...


The 15th and final track on "Bill and Susan's Wedding Playlist" is the actual segment of The Wease Show from 12-19-13 where we got married.  If you have the stomach for it, this is also where I sing to Susan.  Maybe you were listening that night, and maybe you've heard it since on Best Of, but this seemed like the perfect way to close out the CD we're giving party guests, and the right way to end today's blogcast.


Things will be back to normal next week.  If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions email billy@wease.com or tweet @RadioBillyD