Before I get started with another week of music and merriment I just want to warn you that this weeks musical blogging MIGHT be a little shorter than normal.  Not too much, just a little.  I'll tell you about my busy holiday weekend as we go.  If you're a nerd you probably know what I'm talking about... I'll explain to the rest of you in a little bit.


Starting off with this week's version of Good Morning Little School Girl.  Something for fans of 80's rock with Paul Rodgers and Richie Sambora.



Did anyone notice that I didn't put any Springsteen into the blogcast last week?  I thought I'd give you a break from The Boss.  Not this week though.  He's back with a request from follower Steve Carlton (I'm assuming it's not the legendary Phillies pitcher... he hated the media), who wants to hear Backstreets.  Here's a great live version from 1975, when the song was brand new...



As long as I'm doing listener/viewer/reader suggestions, let me do a couple more... that's the least I can do as long as your taking the time to come to my page.

This is for Kirk Vanderbilt, a huge music fan with great taste in music who pointed me towards with Daryl Hall/Grace Potter collaboration called "Goodbye Kiss".  Thanks to Kirk I found out an interesting piece of info about Grace Potter that I didn't know.  While looking at the comments under the video on YouTube I found this...

As Grace herself stated: “I was born legally blind, and so music is sort of the way I see. It is my sixth sense because one of my five senses isn’t very strong!” Not that I wish disability upon anyone but, in a strange, roundabout way, thank goodness for that. This is great. 

I'm so glad you pointed this out!!!  Her eyes looked strangely unfocused to me, plus she was the only guest that didn't look over at Daryl while performing and have that mutual connection....Now I know why...Thanks



We'll close up part one  with another request, this one going out to blogcast fan Steve Pogal.  I think Steve and I have a lot in common, even though I haven't had the pleasure of meeting him yet...

- He obviously likes good music.

- He's the bowling coach for McQuaid High School, and I love bowling (except when I do it badly).  I bowl a couple times a week.  Maybe Steve can give me some tips.

- I'm a fan of professional wrestling, and I think he might be too, because he occasionally responds when I tweet about it.

This week on WWE Monday Night Raw they opened the show with one of the creepiest (and coolest) segments ever.  Watch it, and read my thoughts about it, HERE.  Then come back for the next song.

That confrontation between John Cena and Bray Wyatt led Steve to ask for a version of the gospel standard "Got The Whole World In His Hands".  This is Etta James and Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson



This will sound really weird, but I think the intro music for the Wyatt family is pretty excellent, and I may never have another chance to include it here.  Really cool swampy rock.  Nice job from the session musicians that but together the theme songs for the WWE Superstars.



Actually that took my mind to the Charlie Daniels Band "Legend Of Wooley Swamp".  I LOVED that song when it first came out.



I'll be back with more tunes in a bit, including some "holiday music".  As always I welcome questions, comments, suggestions, and requests.  Email or tweet @RadioBillyD