Thanks again for checking out the music I'm thinking about this weekend, and taking the time to read my thoughts on it.


I've mentioned a couple times that I'm busy this weekend... here's what's going on.  One of the best music venues in town (Abilene Bar and Lounge) is hosting one of my favorite artists, singer-songwriter Chris Trapper.  He was there Thursday and Friday nights, and he'll be there again tonight for a Saturday show.  Susan and I went last night, and we'll be there again tonight.


Last week I told you how his song "Away We Go" almost wound up our wedding song... this week I'll share the song that became a favorite on The Saturday Morning Music Show when in 2007 I talked about my mom, and played this song in her memory, when she passed away.  Chris has been on The Wease Show many times in the years since, and people always want to hear "Keg On My Coffin", which he originally recorded with his band The Push Stars, and still performs solo at just about every show he does.  I hope to see you at Abilene tonight to sing along with this...



Here's a question for you?  What should I call the people that come to this webpage to check out the tunes?  Are you viewers?  Listeners?  Readers?  Maybe I should coin the term "Vleaders"... after all, I already made up the word "Blogcast".


This next suggestion comes from friend and blogcast vleader Dave McGloin who requested Eli Reed and the True Loves "Take My Love With You".  An outstanding example of one of my favorite musical genres... a current band that does music that sounds old.




I've mentioned a couple times now it's a busy holiday weekend for me, but unless your a nerd like me you probably don't know what I'm celebrating.  The first Saturday in May (and that's today) is "Free Comic Book Day".


This doesn't mean that I can walk into a comic book store and everything is free... but some stuff is.  There are books specifically released on this day that you can go in and pick up, and besides that stores have sales, events, signings, games, people in costumes, and other stuff that's fun for people like me.  You can go to for all kinds of info about the day, what comics you can get, stores that participate, etc...  Good geeky fun.  


Two local stores that do an especially good job on this day are Two Kings Comics out in Victor, and my regular store on Charlotte (a couple miles from my house), All Heroes Comics on Lake Ave.  If you stop at either tell Joe and Craig at Two Kings, or Chuck and Dave and All Heroes, that Billy D'Ettorre sent you.


So what does this have to do with music?  Well, the new Spider-Man movie opened Thursday night, and although I probably won't get a chance to see it until next week you know I have to play Moxy Fruvous' version of the Spidey theme (whoever put together this video it makes me laugh)...



Here are a couple more songs that mention superheroes, to celebrate my favorite holiday.  This one is so beautiful it makes me want to cry.  It's an acoustic live version of "Waiting For Superman" from Chris Daughtry, with help from my friend Elvio Fernandes on piano, and vocals from the PS22 Chorus.  I DARE you not to be moved.


I'm also appreciative of Chris Daughtry's cred as a comic book nerd... he's an even bigger fan than me.  Check out his interview with Kevin Smith on the "Fatman On Batman" podcast HERE (episode #64).  Be careful... very NSFW language.


I have the feeling that if there isn't a some guitar soon someone is gonna track me down and punch me in the head, so I'll continue my musical tribute to superheroes with Johnny Guitar Watson's funky "Superman Lover" ...



Have you heard that I'm a fan of Barenaked Ladies?  I'm including this song because it has one of my favorite "comic book lyrics" ever...

"I was in a comics store looking for some mistakenly priced comic I could make a fortune on and in walks the Fantastic Four.  I said don't go, that last issue was cool".

I also dig the homage to Joe Jackson at the end....



Free Comic Book Day isn't this weekend's only cause for celebration.  Find out what tomorrow is, on the next part of the Billy D'Ettorre Saturday Morning Music Blogcast.  I'm always looking for your tweets and emails... @RadioBillyD or


I'll leave this section with some Paul McCartney and Wings from the concert film "Rockshow", which was recorded during the 1976 Wings Over America tour.  I first saw this in 1980 at the Auditorium Theater (shortly after John Lennon was killed) in a double feature with the Beatles movie "Let It Be".  It finally came out on DVD last year.  I'm very excited that I'm going to get to see McCartney live in concert with my own eyes when Susan and I see him in Pittsburgh on July 7th.  One thing I can cross off my bucket list... unless, of course I'm tragically killed sometime between now and then.  Why would I say something like that???  That's not right!!!! (As Kevin Meaney would say)

Here's Wings with their salute to Marvel Comics.