Part 2 of Canada Day on the Saturday Morning Music Blogcast starts now.  Susan and I are currently at the Niagara Falls Comic Con, and Canadian law says I can only play music from their country today.


Remember in the 80's when everyone though all Canadians were like Bob and Doug McKenzie from the great late night TV show SCTV.  If I were home right now I'd probably be watching my DVD boxsets of the series while I type this.  Here is the novelty hit of 1981 with Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas (as Bob and Doug) with Geddy Lee from Rush doing "Take Off". 



God, I love the lyrics to this song... I don't even want to pick out one line as an example and type them here because I'd feel bad about the ones I didn't pick.  Just listen to them all.  This song/band is so obscure I can't even find a website with the words to the tune, and I don't feel like transcribing them myself... I type with two fingers and it'd take me too long.


She Stole My Beer, from Vancouver, is the band.  "Romance Flats" is the song. 



Check out this unreleased footage from The Last Waltz, taken by someone in the crowd, of a song not used in the concert film... I just stumbled across it, and have never seen/heard this before myself.  Levon Helm was the only American in The Band... Robbie Robertson, Rick Danko, Garth Hudson, and Richard Manuel all being Canadians, and are joined by Neil Young and Joni Mitchell of what Robbie calls "another Canadian song".... "Arcadian Driftwood". 



A guy we had on Wease's show a bunch of times back in the days was a Canadian blues guitarist by the name of David Gogo.  A great musician, and funnier than a lot of the comedians we have in studio with us.  I haven't seen him in a while (the last time being at the Rochester International Jazz Festival 4 or 5 years ago).  i hope he comes back someday.  Here he is covering a Ray Charles classic... I disagree with the song's message, but it's still great.



More blues, this time courtesy of The Downchild Blues Band doing some boogie woogie with piano player Jane Vasey.


Downchild Blues Band- Trying to Keep Her 88's Straight


More Canadian music is on the way in just a bit as the Saturday Morning Music Blogcast comes from Niagara falls Comic Con 2014.  Email or tweet @RadioBillyD if ya got something to say.