Here's more music from our friends up north as I wander around the Niagara Falls Convention Center trying to figure out what to buy while waiting to meet Dean Cain (Clark Kent/Superman on "Lois and Clark"), AMC's Comic Book Men, and WWE legends Demolition.


Ya know what other musical legend is from Canada?  Dan Aykroyd.  You probably only think of him as an actor/comedian, but who can forget his performance in "We Are The World"?



Ok, just kidding... I'm really not sure why he was at the We Are The World recording.  Aykroyd was also half of The Blues Brothers, and sang a couple fun tunes with them, including taking the lead in this classic scene from the movie where the band pulls out an old TV theme song to make a rowdy bar of hillbillies happy.



Another Canadian blues musician I know thanks to my years on The Wease Show is Ottawa's Sue Foley.  Wease seems to have a thing for chicks that play the guitar and sing the blues.


Sue Foley- Queen Bee



What happens when a Celtic influenced folk group from Newfoundland covers an alternative rock band from Atlanta?  You get Great Big Sea doing R.E.M's "End Of The World (and I Feel Fine)"



One of the biggest groups ever to come out of Canada is The Guess Who Winnipeg.  I think they are one of the great underrated bands, with a ton of phenomenal songs, and the awesome voice Burton Cummings. 


This single didn't chart in the U.S., but reached #14 in Canada.  It's one of my favorites with a stellar vocal performance by Cummings.  I'd like to dedicate the song to a couple former radio personalities.


Guess Who- Glamour Boy



I'll close up this segment of the Saturday Morning Canadian Music Blogcast with Colin James, the guitarist from Regina, Saskatchewan, along with his Little Big Band doing a high energy fun rockabilly/swing number called "Jumpin' From 6 To 6".



A few more tunes coming soon.  Betcha didn't know Canada didn't have so much good music.  I haven't even scratched the surface... today is just a small sampling.  Let me know what you think by emailing or Tweeting @RadioBillyD  Tell me who I'm missing.