Just a few more tunes for today, courtesy of our friends up north as I try and plan my schedule at the Niagara Falls Comic Con.  Which would I rather do, go to a Q&A with "Icons Of 80's Sitcoms" Karyn (Hilary Banks) Parsons, Tracey (Carol Seaver) Gold, and David (Bud Bundy) Faustino... OR... the "Legends Of Tag Team Wrestling" panel with former WWF Superstars Demolition (Axe and Smash) and The Killer Bees (Jumping Jim Brunzell and B. Brian Blair)? 


Ya know, with the wrestlers there is always the chance an old rivalry could heat up and punches will be thrown.



Still so many Canadian bands and artists I haven't included yet, and just not enough time.  I may have to go to the Toronto Fan Expo later this summer just so I can do this again.


One of the biggest bands up north, and pretty popular here in Rochester too, is Tragically Hip, from Kingston, Ontario.  Since the NHL Finals are currently underway it seems fitting to play 50 Mission Cap, which is a tribute to former Toronto Maple Leaf goalie Bill Barilko.  Read about it HERE.


Tragically Hip- 50 Mission Cap



Hey this is the perfect chance to play a song about the world's most famous superhero, done by a group from Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Crash Test Dummies- Superman's Song



Ok... I have to put this here.  My OCD won't let me not do it.  Another Canadian band, another superhero.  I know I said I'd try not to include any Moxy Fruvous, and I know I just used this song a few weeks ago, but talk to my stupid brain that's making me do this...


Moxy Fruvous- Spider-Man (and whoever put together this video did a great job.  it makes me laugh every time)



I promise I still won't use Barenaked Ladies today, because it's too easy for me and they're on this page almost every week  but their first video was a cover of another Canadian artist for a tribute album.  This is a live acoustic version of the song by it's writer.  This is for you Susan.  I'll probably wind up using the BNL version in a week or two.  "Gotta kick at the darkness 'til it bleeds daylight"... great line.


Bruce Cockburn- Lover's In A Dangerous Time



We'll close up shop for today with some good old fashioned classic rock from Toronto to get your blood pumping for a sunny Saturday afternoon...



If I didn't get to your favorite Canucks this time around maybe I will on a future edition of the Saturday Morning Music Blogcast.  If you're looking for Celine Dion, Loverboy, Also Nova, or Glass Tiger you'll be waiting a looooooonnnnnngggg time.  I could do this a thousand times, and not include them.


Enjoy the nice weather this afternoon while Susan and I wander a convention hall filled with nerds like us.  We're going to do get our picture taken with with AMC's "The Comic Book Men", and I want to see if "Simpsons" animator Phil Ortiz will draw a picture of Ralph Wiggum for me.


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