Every week I ask for your suggestions, ideas, and requests and you come through with some really good ones.  A few that I want to give some thought to include a "Fantasy Concert", and all acoustic show, and a blogcast that has nothing but covers.  I love all of these ideas, and knowing me I'll wind up combining the three into a show of unplugged remakes recorded live.


Thanks to my buddy Dave for reminding me if this excellent performance from the Concert For The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, held at the old stadium in Cleveland on the day the museum opened.  It was an all star show celebrating the history of rock and roll, and for 8 hours had everyone from Chuck Berry to James Brown to the Allman Brothers to Bruce Springsteen hit the stage.  Boz Scaggs and Slash teamed up to salute Jimi Hendrix.  Ya gotta hand it to Slash... not many people could pull off the whole shirtless, top hat look.


Slash and Boz Scaggs- Red House



In today's edition of "Current Music That Sounds Old" I present The James Hunter Six.  Hopefully you had a chance to check him out at The Big Rib on Thursday night (I didn't because I was too busy watching "Sharknado" get the MST3K treatment, and laughing my but off).


The James Hunter Six- Chicken Switch



At the end of that clip the host snottily says "aren't we glad that Duran Duran had no influence on this man".  I'm not saying Duran Duran would make my list of favorite bands of all time... they probably wouldn't make the top 1000... but they did have a few songs I really enjoy, and some I like even more when done by someone else.  This would fall into the category of what I talked about earlier... a Fantasy Concert Of Unplugged Covers... 


Barenaked Ladies- Rio



In part 2 I included an acapella group by the name of Davinci's Notebook, and that got me thinking about the legendary acapella singers The Persuasions, whose mix of soul, gospel, and doo wop have been entertaining people since the late 60's.  I highly recommend three of their great albums from the 70's... "Street Corner Symphony", "We Came To Play", and "Chirpin'".  Here are a couple from them, starting with a cover of a Drifters classic.


The Persuasions- Up On The Roof




The Persuasions- Man, Oh Man 



I was first exposed to the beautiful harmonies of the Roche sisters Maggie, Terre, and Suzzy in the early 80's via my brother Tom, and from listening to a radio show called "The Folk Lunch" on one of the college stations (I believe WRUR).  I've been a fan ever since. 


The Roches- The Train



I'll close this section of the Saturday Morning Music Blogcast with the classic harmonies of Crosby, Stills, and Nash doing an awesome live version of "Long Time Gone".  Is it possible for CSN to be funky?  This is as close as it comes.... great work from the bass player.



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