One of my favorite podcasts (if not my very favorite) is a show called "Tell 'Em Steve Dave", which is hosted by Bryan Johnson and Walter Flanagan (from the AMC TV show "Comic Book Men", and Brian Quinn from Tru TV's "Impractical Jokers"... all though the podcast has been around way longer than those television shows).  Did I show you the picture Susan and I took with Walt Flanagan, Mike Zapcic, and Ming Chen from "Comic Book Men" at Niagara Falls Comic Con last month?



At the end of Tell 'Em Steve Dave they include a song from an unsigned band that sends them their music, and that's where I heard this song.  TESD exposed this group to hundreds of thousands of listeners (or more... I'm not really sure... maybe it's millions), now I'll share this tune with another 10-12 people.


Governor Grimm and the Ghastly Ghouls- My Neighbor Is A Werewolf


The first concert I ever went to was the Beach Boys at the War Memorial in 1975 or '76.  I went with my parents, and went to a few other shows with them over the next couple years, but the first concert I got to go without adult supervision was a few years later when my buddy Dennis Foran and I went to see Jan and Dean at the Auditorium Theater.  They were making a comeback about a decade after a terrible car crash almost killed Jan Berry, and left him with brain damage that took years of rehabilitation.


Jan and Dean were brought back in the public eye thanks to a TV movie called "Deadman's Curve", named after one of their hits, and spookily predicted the crash Jan would be involved in.  I always loved the song.


Jan and Dean- Deadman's Curve



How about some live acoustic blues from David Bromberg, doing a song about something I like to do in theory, but never get to because my job and body clock won't let me.  Look at the lyrics HERE, in case you don't know them, and don't understand what the audience is singing.


Some classic rock from Thin Lizzy to close up today's edition of the Saturday Morning Music Blogcast.  No particular reason... the song popped into my head, and I like it.  I can't decide whether to use the studio version, which always makes me think "Steely Dan Meets Bruce Springsteen", or the more energetic live version.  I'm including both.  You can choose one, or check out both.  Either way, I love the way the song builds...  


Thin Lizzy- Cowboy Song (studio)


Thin Lizzy- Cowboy Song (live)


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