I think it used to be easier when I started this blog with a version of Good Morning Little Schoolgirl.  I'd just pick one, and be on my way to the next song.  Now that I'm choosing a different Bruce Springsteen song every week I get stuck watching a whole bunch of different videos because I love them so much.  Fun, but I wind up killing a bunch of time that I could be using differently.


This week I'm opening with a duet done with Melissa Ethridge, recorded for Melissa's "MTV Unplugged"... a beautiful acoustic version of a Springsteen classic.


Melissa Ethridge and Bruce Springsteen- Thunder Road



One Springsteen cover deserves another.  Here the late great Warren Zevon combines one of his own songs "Poor Poor Pitiful Me" (which Linda Ronstadt had a big hit with) and Bruce's rocker "Cadillac Ranch"



I got a request for some Leon Russell via Twitter from local writer Tom Belknap.  He's one of my favorite people on social media.... give him a follow @DragonFlyEye, and check out his site HERE.  Leon is a guy I forget about until someone like Tom reminds me, and then I just keep watching and listening to more.


Leon Russell- Delta Lady



Even though Joe Cocker had a bigger hit with Delta Lady I prefer Leon's.  I think it's because it reminds me of the theme song to "Maude".  Russell should have covered it.



Another Leon Russell song (that was also covered by Joe Cocker).  One of the prettiest love songs ever.


Leon Russell- A Song For You



From Joe Cocker's 1972 concert film "Mad Dogs and Englishmen", here is Joe with an all star band including Leon Russell (and is that George Harrison singing backup?) tearing the house down with "Cry Me A River".




More music in just a bit.  @RadioBillyD on Twitter, or billy@wease.com if you want to get in touch.