In the last part of the today's blog I was so busy babbling about my own musical birthday memories that I neglected the person that made all of my birthday's possible.... my mom.


Shirley D'Ettorre would have been 82 years old today, but she died in December of 2007.  She was a loving mother (who along with her husband/my father John)  raised all of the kids to be decent human beings, and that's all you can ask nowadays.  My parents loved country music, and every Friday night would go to a local country music bar to hang with their friends to dance and drink the night away.  Kenny Rogers was her favorite.  This song isn't as famous as "The Gambler", "Coward Of The County", or "Lucille" but I can't tell you how many times I heard this song on our record player.


Ruben James- Kenny Rogers



Also, the first time I ever played Chris Trapper's "Keg on My Coffin" (originally recorded with Chris' band The Push Stars) on the radio was the Saturday after my mother passed away.  I talked about her, her life, raising me and my siblings, and how proud she was that I was part of The Brother Wease show.  She got it.  People loved the radio eulogy I gave her, and many identified with the song.  It became one of our most requested.


Chris Trapper- Keg On My Coffin 



... and since today would have been her birthday, and mine is in a few day, here's another one by Chris dedicated to anyone having a birthday this year.


Chris Trapper- The Birthday Song



I want to send out a big "GET WELL SOON" to my friend, and regular visitor to this page,  Steve (@McQBowling), who is recovering from a procedure at Strong Hospital this morning, and checking out today's music from there.  He asked for something new, Springsteen-esque, and on the fun side.


This song is probably 10 years old... maybe older... but most people don't know it, which makes it new to most folks.  The performance is only a year old though.  It definitely fits the fun rock and roll vibe I was looking for... very Bruce-ish.


It also gives me a chance to mention that this group, which I featured on the blogcast last week, will be at The Fairport Music Festival on August 23rd (which I didn't know when I put up last week's music).  I may even get the chance to introduce them.  Please go see them.  You won't regret it.  Plus where else will you be able to see Fred Flintstone sing and play the drums?


Cowboy Mouth- Light It On Fire



Another song by request.  Hockey Sue had a weird request, but that's why I'm here.  She loved this song as a kid in the 70s, and wanted to see if I remembered it.  Barely.  She contends that "Spoonman" by Soundgarden was inflenced by Jay and Merrill Osmond rocking out in 1972.  I didn't think Mormons were allowed to play devil music like this.


The Osmonds- My Drum



This next song has an interesting to me backstory.... Walter Flanagan is a friend of Kevin Smith's, run's Kevin's comic book store "The Secret Stash" in Red Bank, NJ, is a star of the reality show "Comic Book Men" on AMC, and is one of the people behind the podcast "Tell 'Em Steve-Dave", which I love.


On an episode of the podcast about a year ago Walt said he wrote lyrics to a song, and was looking for someone to write the music.  They got a bunch of submissions, played them on the show, and decided that this one was the official version (although some of the others are still floating around).  The band (which is a pretty popular touring group playing clubs, and at a bunch of the modern rock festivals, all over the country) even made a video for it.  They are a pop-punk group called Courage My Love, and the song is "I Sell Comics".


I especially like the line about being a "Wednesday Warrior through and through", because as all geeks know, Wednesday is the day new comics go on sale every week.  Check out the lyrics HERE.  Excellent guitar solo too.


Courage My Love- I Sell Comics



Susan and I have the extreme pleasure of going to see Roger and the Peacemakers tonight at a private party in Syracuse with some friends including my buddy Dave, and Frank and Dee Russell from Cornhill Fine Wines and Spirits.  Big thanks to Todd and Stephani for the invite, and the two Brian's for making sure I could come.  Remember you can get Clyne's "Mexican Moonshine" at Frank's store if you are so inclined... I'm not, but I LOVE the music.


I'll close out this set with something from Roger Clyne's old band The Refreshments (and still played in concert on a regular basis by RCPM).  "Beat me 'til I'm black and blue, and my body's bloody red, then I can get back up and we can do it all over again".


The Refreshments- Girly



Part 4 in a little while... join me, won't you.  As always, I'm very reachable... or @RadioBillyD (I'm not like Pauly... I'm not giving you my phone number).