A few more songs to close out an already busy Saturday morning for me.


This morning Susan and I went to The Public Market to get some stuff she needed to make the Jambalaya we're bringing as our "dish to pass" to tonight's picnic with Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers.  Personally, i like going to The Public Market because they have good breakfasts.  While we were looking at vegetables there was a silly little song that I kept singing to myself, and it wouldn't go away.


Beach Boys- Vegetables



PS... the trip to the Public Market did include a stop at the Stuart's Spices kiosk.  I do those ads you hear on the radio because Susan and I really do love their products.


I mentioned way back in Part 2 of today's blog that for my birthday I've seen many concerts... ahhhh, the good old days.... remember Part 2?  I remember Part 2 like it was just yesterday, even though it was today.


Anyway, my big brother Ed took me to a couple August concerts to celebrate the Holy Day Of Assumption.  One had Bonnie Raitt as an opening act, and in the other she was the headliner.   Here's Bonnie covering a classic Blind Faith ballad, with the main man behind Little Feat.


Bonnie Raitt and Lowell George- Can't Find My Way Home




The Jeff Healey Band was the opening act for the show Ed and I saw with Bonnie Raitt as the headliner.  Jeff was amazing.  I was going to put a deeper cut of his up here, but then I realized I hadn't heard his one hit in decades, which means you probably hadn't either.  It's beautiful.


The Jeff Healey Band- Angel Eyes



Ok, that made me want more of the late, great, sightless guitar whiz... this time with another guitar master that left us too soon...


Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jeff Healey- Look At Little Sister



One more song, then I'm outta here for the day.  I mentioned that my Brother Ed and I once saw Bonnie Raitt as an opening act at a concert.  It was before her comeback with the Grammy Award winning "Nick Of Time" album, and she was touring in support of John Fogerty, who had comeback himself with the "Centerfield" disc, and had just released the followup "Eye Of the Storm". 


At the time, because of a legal battle with his old record company, John wasn't doing a CCR songs, and had to rely on stuff from his solo releases and covers.  Since Susan is, at this very moment, making Jambalaya as our "dish to pass" for the picnic with Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers I think it's appropriate to close today's blogcast with Fogerty's cover of the old Hank Williams country standard.


John Fogerty- Jambalaya



Back next week... have a great weekend.  Email me if you like billy@wease.com or tweet me if you can @RadioBillyD