Even if you don't KNOW you're doing it, we all look for little cues that make you realize, "Oh, this person's an IDIOT."  Here are eight of the best signs people use to INSTANTLY know whether they're dealing with a moron.


1.  People who use big words to sound sophisticated . . . but don't know what they mean and use them incorrectly. 


2.  A decal of Calvin from "Calvin and Hobbes" peeing on something in their rear window.


3.  People who legitimately attribute things to horoscopes or the current position of the planets.


4.  People who tweet or Facebook willfully ignorant things like, "Wait, Titanic was real and not a movie?" or "I just found out Vietnam is a country not just a war."


5.  When they use text speak in real life . . . saying things like "L-O-L" instead of actually laughing.


6.  Face tattoos.


7.  People who say 9/11 was an inside job.


8.  People who post chain letters on Facebook because if they do, BILL GATES will send them $5 million.


Reminds me of that Bill Engvall bit... Here's Your Sign!