The Wease Show is bringing back a bit we haven't done in a couple years... Theme Bump Wednesday.


Every Wednesday I'll put together a list of songs that will be used as bump songs for that day's show (the songs we play when we come back from commercials).  All of the songs will have something in common (something having to do with the songs themselves, a theme to the lyrics, something that ties the artists together, etc...)


The first person to call in and correctly identify the connection in the bump songs will win fabulous cash and prizes... without the cash.


As the songs play I'll post them here, and because  you're looking at my page so early I'll give you the first one before it's even played.


Sunshine On My Shoulders- John Denver




Stand- REM




Handbags and Gladrags- Rod Stewart



Someone correctly guessed the theme... songs that were theme songs to TV shows.


Sunshine On My Shoulders (a mid 70's drama called "Sunshine")

Stand (Chris Elliot's sitcom "Get A Life")

Handbags and Gladrags (Ricky Gervais' BBC version of "The Office")

The next one is the theme for "Freaks and Geeks"


Bad Reputation- Joan Jett





One Of Us- Joan Osborne (Joan Of Arcadia)





With A Little Help From My Friends- Joe Cocker (The Wonder Years)

This version of the video, that deciphers what Joe is really singing, always makes me laugh.  Very funny.