When you see a grown man dressed as a superhero, you don't assume he's an actual DO-GOODER . . . you assume he'll die a virgin.



But a guy named Jeff Buckland and his friend Troy Marcum run a charity in West Virginia called "Heroes for Higher," where they dress up as Batman and Captain America and teach kids about the value of helping your community.



And on Saturday, they were in the middle of a gig when they saw smoke coming from a nearby house.  Jeff worked as a firefighter when he was stationed in Iraq from 2009 to 2011.  So they both immediately ran toward the house to see if anyone was inside.



Luckily, the people who lived there were on vacation.  But after Troy broke out one of the windows, Jeff reached in and felt something, which ended up being the family CAT.



So he pulled the cat out, put it down on the front lawn, realized it wasn't breathing . . . and they somehow managed to RESUSCITATE it.



Jeff says the cat immediately started hissing when it woke up.  But he understands how it would be strange to be pulled from a fire . . . then see BATMAN standing over you.