If you're chewing gum right now you may want to read this later, or at least throw away that piece of Trident in your mouth.


You probably think that gum is a healthy alternative to candy or other snacks.  But actually, here's a list of five weird and disturbing things it does to your body:



1.  It makes you eat LESS fruit and MORE junk food.  Studies show that chewing mint-flavored gum makes fruit taste bad, so you don't eat it.  It also somehow increases the likelihood that you'll eat candy and chips.



2.  It triggers TMJ.  Which stands for "temporomandibular joint disorder," and basically means your jaw is in a ton of pain.



3.  You might get IBS.   Chewing makes you swallow a bunch of air, so you could end up with irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, cramps, and bloating. 



4.  It makes you go to the bathroom.  Obviously sugar causes tooth decay.  But if you get artificially-sweetened gum, it acts as a LAXATIVE.



5.  Gum includes "sheep fat."  It's a harmless, yellow, waxy substance.  They call it "lanolin", and it keeps the gum soft.  But it's made from the SECRETIONS from a sheep's glands.  


If that's not reason enough to not chew gum watch this dope try and put 100 pieces of the stuff in his mouth...