The lines for this Sunday's NFL games just came out, and the Denver Broncos are 28-POINT favorites over the Jacksonville Jaguars.



That's the largest spread in NFL history . . . the previous high was the Patriots favored by 24 over the Eagles in 2007.



In statistical terms, the 28-point spread is 6.2 standard deviations from the average NFL point spread.  In layman's terms, that means it's about as far from the average as you can get.  On a bell curve, it would be WAY down on the far right side.



The website compared it to a chart of PENIS SIZES . . . and found a 28-point NFL spread is as statistically rare and improbable as a man packing 11 INCHES in the pants, engorged.



So this week's Broncos-Jags game is as rare as monster junk.  Good to know. 



The 28-point NFL spread is also as statistically rare as a man weighing 450 pounds.