There's a player on the University of Texas baseball team who is a BAD TEAMMATE.  We don't know who he is, but we know he's not going to have many friends left on the team after this.

This player had a DRUG TEST coming up . . . and had been taking SOMETHING that would make him fail.  So he asked a teammate if he could BORROW HIS PEE to pass the test.  That teammate was a pitcher named Corey Knebel.

Corey gave his teammate the pee . . . but IT wasn't clean either.  When it came back, it tested positive for ADDERALL.  Corey takes that for his ADHD . . . even though it's considered a banned substance by the NCAA.

When the team officials confronted the player who tested positive, he turned around and RATTED OUT Corey.  So Corey was suspended for using a banned substance.

It's not clear yet what happened to the teammate, but we're assuming he's going to have to take another drug test . . . if he doesn't just get kicked off the team outright.