Good Morning Weasefanatics!!!

Pauly delays his arrival this morning as he was doing a sleep study last night for his awful snoring!

Wease starts off the show with the amazing new features of cell phones. A new Blood Alcohol Level app on cell phones, and apparently Wease' phone knows when he's going to work everyday and tells him how long.  Weird!  A calller let us know it's a special app with Google - and there is a phone watch which syncs your phone with your watch! 

A rant of Long Island Medium - a women who talks to the dead on TLC - Wease hates because she has to be a liar and fake! Tons of callers tell us their take on meeting mediums and it turns out most of the womens are crazy about this - SHOCKER!! Lucy (Wease 14 year old daughter) is mad he's hating on it because she lovessss that show.

Tools With Sports

Many picked the Falcons believing they would cover... , however they do not have a great defense which contributed to their loss.  Geno Smith looked like a Pro Bowl QB.  Pauly bows down to Wease... Googs wanted the Falcons in Last Man Standing, but Wease had him take the Rams over Jacksonville for the winner.

The Bills have named Thad Lewis as their starting QB against the Cincy this week (are the Bengals a Last Man Standing lock?) and have also resigned punter Brian Moorman.  We still want Tim Tebow.

The NFL has also done away with the pink penalty flags, because of confusion between those and other pink towels laying around for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

MLB Playoffs continue with wins for the Dodgers, Rays, Cardinals, and A's.

Redneck News/Floriduh

If fences make good neighbors, then maybe this couple should consider building something akin to the Berlin Wall.

A Stuart couple complained to cops after seeing too much of their neighbor, 40-year-old Robert Selle, who allegedly stood naked in his yard while yelling at passing cars and throwing stuff around, reports Will Greenlee in his Off the Beat blog for in Stuart.

Selle reportedly hurled a leather coat, a mailbox, knife, gate and a neck of a guitar at the couple and deputies, who arrived latter, according to the report.

Cops then threw him into jail.

Photo: Martin County Jail

and then we play a game of "Is She Hot?"...

Photo: Volusia County Jail

It appears an accused hooker's cat and mouse game with cop landed her a date with the judge.

An undercover Daytona Beach cop, who was working in an area known for street prostitution, called out to a woman, "Hey, babydoll, are you working?" according to police.

Once the woman, identified as Christina Marie Ferrara, 21, entered the unmarked police car, she immediately asked the 'john' if he was a cop. She then demanded he touch her breasts to prove that he was not a law-enforcement officer, according to the arrest report.

When the undercover officer told her that there were people nearby and was reluctant to touch her, Ferrara asked to exit the car, police reported.

Too late.

Since Ferrara allegedly asked the cop to touch her boobs on a public roadway in view of people, she committed another crime -- offering or agreeing to a lewd or indecent act.

... and the verdict is "yes, she's pretty", but Wease and Marianne once again debate husband's seeing hookers if it's to just "get a taste".  Also a discussion on if prostitution is a "victimless crime".

State Police in Williamson reported the arrest on Tuesday (10/1) of An­drew M. Riedman,

age 17 of Plank Road in Wal­worth for Assault in the third degree. It is alleged that, on August 19, Ried­man shot a 17 year old girl in the buttocks with a b-b gun. He was released on ap­pearance
tickets for Walworth Town Court on October 16.

Andrew Riedman

State Police in Walworth reported the arrest on Sunday (9/29) of Colby B. Antho­ny, age 24 of Shuler Street in Lyons fol­lowing a call of a d o m e s t i c situation on Chaintree Drive in Marion. Anthony a l l e g e d l y entered an e x - g i r l ­friend’s residence, took her cell phone and her current boyfriend’s clothes.

He was charged with Criminal Con­tempt in the first degree since there was an Order of Protection in effect for the ex- girlfriend.

He was also charged with Petit Lar­ceny and Criminal Trespass in the 2nd degree, arraigned and remanded to jail on $3500 Cash, $7,000 bond.

The court ordered a new Order of Protection for the ex- girlfriend.

Colby B. Anthony

Wease In Trouble At Home

When Wease got home from poker last night he was a little hungry, and found some leftovers in the fridge for him to eat.  He just got a text from Doreen asking him if he'd seen her lunch, and wanting to know where he moved it.  He moved it to his stomach.

We also talk about how Scarlett Johansson has been named Esquire Magazine's "Sexiest Woman Alive" for the second time.  Wease talks about how lucky he is to be married to a women hotter than "The Sexiest Woman Alive".

Shari Smith News

Before Shari gets to the news Wease continues his defense of hookers, and how on on the social scale they are higher up than porn stars.

- Couple Engaged In Boston Bombing Now Engaged

- Thieves Hit South Wedge Tattoo Parlor

- Two Teens Arrested For Liquor Store Robbery

- Wegmans Offers Severance Package

Marc Maron

We speak with comedian Marc Maron about his new Netflix standup special "Thinky Pain", his career as a comedian, and his time as a political morning radio host for the liberal "Air America" network. 

I saw him perform in Rochester a couple weeks ago, and highly recommend watching his special on Netflix, and listening to his WTF Podcast.

This Day In History

33 years ago . . . in 1980 - BOB MARLEY collapsed on stage during a Pittsburgh concert.  It was discovered that he had brain AND lung cancer . . . and he never performed again.  Marley died at the age of 36 on May 1st, 1981.  Marley is Wease's all time fave, and wanted to salute.

We also talk about the songs Marianne has picked for her day of bump tunes.

Bonus Content... A Month Of Thongs

A story in the news of domestic violence leads to the guys on the show talking about the times the guys in the room have been smacked by their women, and why is that ok?

Roseanne vs. Two And A Half Men

ROSEANNE BARR recently accused "Two and a Half Men"of stealing her material.  She Tweeted, quote, "Comics:  Begin watching Chuck Lorre's shows to see if he steals your material as he does mine . . .



"I can see Chuck in the [writers'] room [saying] 'Guys, let's be careful when lifting jokes from comics . . . don't steal copyrighted HBO special jokes, be more discreet."


"Not all writers who work for [him] are thieves and miscreants with no real lives."


Chuck created "Two and a Half Men" . . . along with "The Big Bang Theory", and the new show "Mom".  Interestingly enough, he also served as an executive producer on "Roseanne" back in the day.


According to "Entertainment Weekly", Roseanne is talking about an ASHTON KUTCHER line from Thursday's "Two and a Half Men" . . . when his character was talking about what it would be like when you're old.


He'd said, quote, "I'd imagine that you're wet in the places you used to be dry, and dry in the places you used to be wet."  (Here's a clip.)


Roseanne has been telling a similar joke since 2006, in reference to menopause.  Hers is:  Quote, "I'm wet where I'm supposed to be dry, and dry where I'm supposed to be wet."


A few hours after her initial Tweets, Roseanne cooled off a little.  She Tweeted, quote, "I forgive Ashton and Chuck!  It's probably one of their writers' fault!"

Also, a discussion of violence in the city, and the racial breakdown of the violent criminals in Rochester.  A man who lives in the ghetto calls to talk about the violence in his neighborhood (which also happens to be Billy's neighborhood), what causes the problems, and how they can be fixed.


A caller thinks marianne should become more interested in sports, or should at least make NFL picks based on her knowledge (or lack of).  Actually she does this every week, and you can see her picks, and make choices of your own to win prizes, HERE.

We also discuss the politics of kids making, and not making, school sports teams.  Pauly talks about times he and friends didn't make teams he felt they should've.

Miley Mania

In an interview with MATT LAUER on the "Today" show yesterday, MILEY CYRUS said once again that her trashy performance at the "VMAs" was an intentional attention-grab.  She said, quote, "It went exactly as planned . . . it's a month later and we're still talking about it."

Emmy Lou

Another of Marianne's bump tunes (Wrecking Ball by Emmy Lou Harris) gets Wease talking about Emmy Lou's version of the classic song "Long Black Veil" with the Dave Matthews Band, and he interprets the tale of a man who is hung, rather than admit he's banging his buddy's wife.

Wease also talks about getting a wrong number while texting, and the person on the oher end is getting mad at him and texting back angry messages.