Manufacturing Marijuana

Wease takes issue with then wording of a news story of a man arrested for "manufacturing" marijuana.  Pot isn't manufactured, it's grown... and doesn't God "manufacture" it, if it is the correct word?

We also talk about the heartwarming reunion of Nicholas Simmons with his family.  Read about it HERE.

(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

... and back to drug crime, we discuss the arrest of a gang that calls themselves "Coke City".

Tools With Sports

NFL Playoffs continue this weekend.  With Wease liking New Orleans, New England, San Diego and San Fran.

Wease asks John if he ever goes to the movie theater, and wind up in a discussion about noises at movie theaters.  There is a theater in Florida with a high end restaurant in it, but would the sound of eating be distracting.  Doreen was aggravated at the theater last night by a guy eating popcorn, so how can you watch a flick with other people eating full steak dinners.

Marshall Fine Film Reviews

Lone Survivor... Mark WahlbergTaylor KitschEmile Hirsch, and Ben Foster play a four-man SEAL team sent into Afghanistan to capture and kill a Taliban leader. 


After their mission is compromised, their decision to release some civilians and risk the chance that they'll warn the enemy turns into a desperate battle that only one soldier walks away from.  Eric Bana is also in it as their commanding officer back at the base.  

Wease knows he should love it, but was troubled by depressing nature of the movie, man's inhumanity towards men, and the non-stop violence.  Marshall thinks it's a very good, and intense film, but if you're looking for fun escapism don't go.

Marshall also tells the story of an incident that made news earlier this week at the NY Film Critics Awards (where Marsh is a member, and attended the dinner).  Director Steve McQueen from "12 Years A Slave" was heckled.  Controversial critic Armond White, an editor for New York’s City Arts, reportedly shouted from his table at the back of the room: “ You’re an embarrassing doorman and garbage man. F*** you. Kiss my ass,” according to Variety.  Read the story HERE

Marianne In Syracuse

Marianne talks about doing standup comedy at The Funny Bone in Syracuse last night, and her debate about whether she should leave after her spot and get home earlier for the extra sleep, or stick around and sell cds... she only has 1 box left out of the orginal thousand she had.

Doug With News

- No Deal For Dome Center

- New Grocery Store Downtown

- Car Trapped Under Bridge On 390

- Fatal Car Accident Involving Deer

Wease's Night Out

Wease tells a story about going to dinner at Grinell's last night, running into a ton of people he knows, and how his friend The King picked up tabs for a bunch tables.  Wease always winds up going from table to table talking to everyone, and it's hard for him to have a quiet night out with his wife.

Mick Foley

We talk to WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley.  He is performing all weekend long at The Comedy Club in Webster, and we have a great conversation with Mick about his wrestling career, his books, charity work, a movie he is making about Santa Claus, his current beef with the WWE, his new comic book, and more.  A great interview. 

Maybe the most famous moment in Mick's career, out of a career full of memorable occasions...

She Wants Your Nuts 

We're joined in studio by actress Nicolette Hart.  She's currently in the Downstairs Cabaret production of Take Me Home, but we're excited about her current commercials for Bombar Nuts, that have created buzz locally because of the suggestive tag line "I can't stop thinking about you nuts".  

Mark Long

We're joined in studio by TV personality Mark Long.  You may remember Mark from MTV's Road Rules and all it's various spinoffs, and now he is the man behind Pocket Protein, the nutritional supplement Wease has been advertising lately.  Wease and Marianne talk to Mark about all the stuff he's done, and a caller asks if he ever had a relationship with Tonya Cooley from The Real World.  She may be hot, but she may or may not be crazy...