It's Tools Time

Wease is off today... he's getting a colonoscopy today, and knowing Wease he'll be talking about it when he gets back tomorrow.  John Ditullio is pinch hitting this morning helping lead the rest of the crew.

John mentions Rochester's cold weather, and having to walk the dog, and how lucky the animals are to have fur.  This doesn't stop Pauly from having a jacket for his pug Walter.

Marianne says that her boyfriend has a sweater for his cat, which has Tools questioning Robbie's man card... until we learn how handy he is, and crushes the rest of us with cool stuff he can do that we can't that chicks find awesome.

John also talks about planning ahead for his Championship Sunday football party, and the food that will be included, which is making us all hungry.  The theme for today's show is "bacon makes everything better".

Tools With Sports

The Sabres won in a shootout last night, avoiding the dubious record of losing their first 10 home games.  Speaking of hockey, the Amerks play in Hamilton at 10am this morning.

Did you hear the brilliant comments Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall regarding bullying, the NFL culture, and how boys and girls are treated differently growing up?  Listen to them HERE

We are also big fans of Shannon Sharpe's emotional rant regarding the situation involving Richie Incognito, Jonathan Martin, the use of the N word, and more.  Great stuff from Shannon.

No Smoking Allowed

Marianne talks about a problem she's having with neighbors.  She lives in an apartment where vents are shared with other tenants who smoke.  She tried leaving a polite note telling them how the smoke was bothering her, she has allergies, everything smells bad, etc...  The note was basically ignored, so yesterday he made what she'd hoped would be a wise use of money and bought air filters and purifiers.  It didn't work like she hoped it would, and is trying to figure out what to do next.

Billy also talks about his vacation to Niagara Falls where he and Susan saw "An Intimate Evening of Conversation of Bette Midler"... fun, but still not as good as a real concert would've been.  Actually, full disclosure, Susan loved it but Billy wanted this...

He also talks how they wanted to do a couple tourist attraction type things, but everytime they went somewhere their were people that talked them out of doing stuff calling it a ripoff, not fun, and too expensive.  If you've ever been to The Upside Down House tell Billy what you thought.

John also tells of his wardrobe faux pas yesterday, where he showed up for his show yesterday afternoon wearing a V-neck sweater backwards.  How do you do that?

Doug With News

- Careless Smoking Blamed For Fatal Fire

- Man Robbed And Shot At Home

- Free Phillippines Calls For TWC Customers

- Kodak's First Earnings After Bankruptcy

We also discuss how Wease is getting a colonoscopy today, and yesterday he did something after the show he never does... he went home, and stayed home for the rest of the day and night.


Vacation Plans

Pauly talks about how he is going to NYC this weekend, and will be thereuntil he gets home Wednesday afternoon, and all the cool stuff he and Ryann will be doing.  Her favorite TV show is "Bethany", and they will be in the audience on Tuesday, but even better than that Pauly got tickets to see Letterman on Monday night.  He talks about the process of getting tickets, the guests he will be seeing (including Vince Vaughn), and how excited he is to be going.

Public Relations

The "New York Post" did a video report on the Weirdest Places Celebrities Have Had Sex.  Here's what they came up with . . .


JOANNA KRUPA from "The Real Housewives of Miami" once got it on with a guy in the control room of a nightclub.  They got caught when they accidentally flipped some light switches.


JENNY MCCARTHY once did it at the bottom of the Grand Canyon . . . but it was one of the worst sexual experiences of her life, thanks to the bugs.


SCARLETT JOHANSSON and BENICIO DEL TORO reportedly had sex in an elevator.  This one is kind of legendary . . . and while Scarlett tried to deny it, Benicio didn't.


LIEV SCHREIBER had sex on the Staten Island Ferry.


DREW BARRYMORE and then-boyfriend FABRIZIO MORETTI did it in the bathroom at an opera . . . which got them kicked out.


KIRSTEN DUNST and JAKE GYLLENHAAL did it in cars, bathrooms and on the beach.


And KENDRA WILKINSON and HANK BASKETT got busy on a jet ski.

Ok... some cool stories, but they can't beat Wease's listeners who call to tell stories of banging on a horse, at Frontier Field, in church, the hospital, and other awesome places.

Bonus Content... Naked For Nature

Ask Wease... Ditullio Edition

- A listener asks the crew about holiday traditions and gift giving, which leads to talking about how we exchange presents with our families and friends.

- Someone asks about giving a child Nyquil to get him asleep on plane flights because the kid cries the whole time.  Does it make the mom bad for drugging the kid?  The guys think it's a good idea to get the kid quiet, but Marianne thinks it's a bad idea to dope the kid.

- Will EJ Manuel be the Bills QB a year from now.  Tools says yes, but 2015 is the question.  NFL football is the only place where you get years to decide if you're doing a good job.

Life Of Wease Show Members

What did Marianne do last night?  She made peach cobbler.  Last week Street Willie mentioned having a great recipe that she could make, so he brought it to her, and the ingredients, and asked her to make it for today.  She did it, and he Willie didn't even show up today.

Pauly then tells the story of being home alone for awhile last night while Ryann was at yoga class, and how when she got home she quickly realized that Pauly had forgotten to close the window on the iPad of the last website he was looking at.  She unfortunately could tell the last thing he was looking at was a video with a title like "Eploited College Coed Takes It Deep".  She must not listen to the Wease Show often, or she'd know how Pauly was recently honored w9ith an induction into the Porn Watchers Hall Of Fame.  

Breaking Sports News

Big news out of Buffalo regarding the NHL hockey club.  Sabres legend Pat LaFontaine has been named President of Hockey Operations, and Ted Nolan the head coach replacing the fired Ron Rolston.  Mostly a positive reaction from John and the audience.  We are carrying the press conference live.