About Last Night

Last night was a busy night for all of us.  Wease won money on the election, betting on Lovely Warren to win the Rochester mayoral race... since he's been going bad at poker this was a help.  Wease also watched the World Series of Poker which got us talking a little bit about what hand beats what, and who would need a cheat sheet.

Billy had a nice night at bowling, rolling a 611.

Marianne was awoken by loud neighbors at 3am, and is hopped up on cold medicine.

Pauly had the most interesting night... part fun, part uncomfortable.  He went to see the play "War Horse" last night, and thought the play was excellent, but got some attitude from the people sitting behind him that didn't like having Tall Paul in front of them.

Jackie just hung out in her new apartment, but here's a look at our newest cast member.

Tools With Sports 

- The Sabres beat San Jose in a shootout last night, which you probably didn't see since Buffalo was on the west coast.

The big news in sports is still the bullying charges against Miami Dolphins player Richie Incognito levelled by teammate Jonathan Martin.  There are stories going around that Incognito was told to treat Martin that way by coaches and teammates to "toughen him up, because he was too soft".  There are also questions surrounding Martin's sexuality.  Martin reminds us of former Buffalo Bill Mike Williams, who was huuuugggeee, but was too nice a guy.

Chief Sheppard

Rochester police chief James Sheppard makes his monthly visit to the show, and discusses the latest stats about Rochester crimes, ways for the police to improve relations in the community, the process and requirements for people to become police officers, and more.  You can even be fat, and have committed a minor crime in your life, and still become a cop.

Big Ass Crime

On Saturday, three women broke into a house in Spartanburg, South Carolina.  The house belonged to a man who recently died . . . his stuff was still in there, but the house was empty. 


The women got away with two flat-screen TVs.  And the police only have one clue to try to track them down. 


A female neighbor says she saw the women, and only remembered that they were all black women with, quote, "BIG BOOTIES." 


So the police in Spartanburg now have to find three black women with big booties.  I hope they end up having the neighbor try to pick them out of a line-up. 


There's no word if they have any suspects.  They should get Detective Mix-A-Lot on the case.  Be on the lookout for the women below.

Doug With News

- Election Results

- New Bishop Appointed

- NY Approves 7 Vegas-Style Casinos

- Soldier's Remains Return Home

Mayor Lovely Calls In

Rochester's new mayor Lovely Warren calls in thank Wease and the listeners that supported her in her campaign for the past few months.  She talks about what she'll be doing until she takes office in January, and is looking forward to the challenges ahead.

Wease talks about how even though Bob Lonsberry was against Lovely Warren the fact she won is good for his show because he'll get to bitch about her for years now. 

Kanye Kontroversy

Kanye West is at it again, doing something wacky to anger people and cause controversy.  Now he is trying to make the Confederate Flag his own personal symbol.

Asked to explain the rationale for including the controversial symbol on his clothing, West told AMP Radio, “The Confederate flag represented slavery in a way. That’s my abstract take on what I know about it, right? So I wrote the song, ‘New Slaves.’ So I took the Confederate flag and made it my flag.  It’s my flag now. Now what you gonna do?”  He added later in the interview, “It’s colorless also. It’s super-’hood super-white-boy-approved at the same time.”

Toronto Mayor Admits Crack Use

Rob Ford, mayor of Toronto, is under fire for his admitted use of crack.  Wease and Marianne believe him when he says he'll never use it again, and feel bad that the one benefit of crack (making you skinny) didn't work for him.

Cherie Currie

We speak on the phone with musician Cherie Currie, who is performing at Lovin' Cup in Henrietta this Sunday.  Cherie is most famous for her band The Runaways with Joan Jett and Lita Ford, and being portrayed in the film about the band by Dakota Fanning.  She talks about her music career, her side gig as someone that does art with chainsaws, life as a rocker in the 70's, her musician son with exhusband actor Robert Hayes, and other cool stories.

Pain In The Ass Story Of The Day

A guy named David Eckert got pulled over back in January when he drifted through a stop sign in Deming, New Mexico.  And when he got out of his car, one of the cops thought it looked like he was clenching his BUTTOCKS. 


And since they were about 35 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border, the cop assumed David was hiding DRUGS . . . and got a search warrant to do a CAVITY SEARCH.  But a doctor at a nearby hospital refused to do it, because he said it was unethical. 


So they took David to ANOTHER hospital, where he was X-rayed.  But it didn't show anything, so next they did a cavity search, followed by a SECOND cavity search.  Then they forced him to have three ENEMAS and X-rayed him AGAIN. 


Finally they forced him to have a COLONOSCOPY.  But again . . . NO DRUGS.  Not surprisingly, David is now suing pretty much EVERYONE involved, including the city, six different cops, the hospital, and two doctors.  And he's going to win HANDS DOWN. 


Because in addition to the all-out ASSAULT that was performed on his backside, the hospital was in a different county, where the search warrant didn't APPLY.  Plus, they did the colonoscopy three hours after the warrant had EXPIRED. 


But as if David needed ANOTHER kick in the pants, the hospital is trying to BILL him for the procedures, and threatening to sue if he doesn't pay.

We also speak to NBC Dateline correspondant Andrea Canning about their new Wednesday night episodes, and some of the real life murder mysteries they're investigating.

Chris Matthews

We speak to MSNBC "Hardball" host, author, political expert Chris Matthews about his new book (pictured above.  Chris talks about how politics, while still contentious, were less devisive in the 80's.  We also talk about the problems facing the Obama Care website.

Ask Wease

- A woman asks about spending money on material goods rather than your kid?  She gave money to her nephew, while the kid's father spent a big chunk of cash on material stuff, and not his own son.  While Wease understands the negative aspect of the question he's definitely spent money that could've gone to his kids. 

- Who should Bills start at QB this weekend?  Wease says Jeff Tuel - let EJ rest.  Marianne gives a well thought out, knowledgable

- A woman that writes in to tell the story of how she and her husband wound up not having sex on their wedding night.  Has this ever happened to other couples?  Due to alcohol, parties, being busy, and many other factors it's happened many times.  Pauly is worried that it may be an issue with him when the time comes for he and Ryann to get married.

Peter Pan

We happy to be joined in studio by people putting on a theatrical version of Peter Pan at the Kodak Theater with disabled people.  Read all about the play, and how you'll actually believe a little boy can fly HERE.