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Let The Day Begin

We start the morning talking about the passing of actor Conrad Bain, most famous for playing Phillip Drummond. Wease gives the cause of death as Diff'rent Strokes.  He is survived by Todd Bridges.  We discuss how Bain outlived, by a lot, the other two actors that played his kids on the show, Dana Plato (Kimberly) and Gary Coleman (Arnold).  Wease then confuses Coleman and Verne Troyer (the guy that played Mini-Me), and tells stories about having to deal with D-bag Troyer while MCing Woodstock. 


Wease then brings up the big story of the day, which no one on the show completely understands but we're trying to figure it out, the story of Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o.


If you followed college football this year . . . particularly Notre Dame . . . you've probably heard of Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o, who had an amazing season, and was the Heisman Trophy runner-up. 


--He did it after losing his grandmother . . . and his girlfriend . . . within six hours back in September.  His girlfriend, 22-year-old Lennay Kekua, had been in a serious car accident, and then had subsequently been diagnosed with leukemia. 


--Or that's the sad, inspirational story that he shared with the media . . . and commented on throughout the remainder of the season. 


--Manti's grandmother DID pass away . . . there's a record of that . . . but as Deadspin.com discovered, there's no record of his girlfriend's death . . . because there's no record that she EVER EVEN EXISTED IN THE FIRST PLACE. 


--The site broke it all down in an exhaustively comprehensive report, where NOTHING added up.  Basically, everyone just ASSUMED Lennay existed . . . because Manti said she did . . . but no one actually had any proof that she was real. 


--The case against Lennay's existence was AIRTIGHT:  In addition to their being no record of her death, there was no record of her funeral . . . her accident . . . her hospital stays . . . her birth . . . or her alleged graduation from Stanford. 


--Stanford had no record of her at all . . . and neither did the Internet . . . aside from a few Twitter and Instagram accounts.  And in those, the photos of Lennay were actually pictures of another girl on Facebook . . . a girl who had never met Manti. 


--It goes on and on from there.  (--You can find the full report at Deadspin.com.) 


--Obviously, Manti had some explaining to do . . . especially since he can't exactly duck out of the public eye.  (--He's currently preparing for the NFL Draft, where he's expected to go in the first round.  Or at least WAS expected to.) 


--And he has.  Later yesterday, he released a statement admitting that . . . he was DUPED, and that someone had played a "sick joke" on him.  He said, quote, "This is incredibly embarrassing to talk about, but over an extended period of time . . . 


--"I developed an emotional relationship with a woman I met online.  We maintained what I thought to be an authentic relationship by communicating frequently online and on the phone, and I grew to care deeply about her. 


--"To realize that I was the victim of what was apparently someone's sick joke and constant lies was, and is, painful and humiliating . . . I hope that people can understand how trying and confusing this whole experience has been." 


--Notre Dame backed him up . . . releasing a statement saying that Manti and his family had come to them on December 26th, and explained he had been, quote, "the victim of what appears to be a hoax . . . 


--"In which someone using the fictitious name Lennay Kekua apparently ingratiated herself with Manti and then conspired with others to lead him to believe she had tragically died of leukemia." 


--The athletic director says Manti had discovered the scam weeks before that.  Manti told him that when he was at the ESPN awards, which aired December 6th, someone called him from Lennay's phone number. 


--He explains, quote, "When he answered it, it was a person whose voice sounded like the same voice he had talked to, who told him that she was, in fact, not dead." 


--Naturally, this raises a TON of questions:  For starters, Manti and his family have insinuated that he not only talked to her at length on the phone, but that they'd also met in person.  However, it's unclear if that happened . . . or how it could've. 


--Also, Deadspin seems to believe that the hoax was run by some guy named Ronaiah Tuiasosopo . . . because he's the only link between the REAL girl in Lennay's photos, and Manti. 


--Manti and Ronaiah are friends, or so their interactions on Twitter would suggest. 


--So it all boils down to this:  Is Manti REALLY stupid enough to have maintained a relationship . . . with a"girlfriend" . . . for at least a year, without realizing that she isn't real? 


--By the same token, is this Ronaiah guy . . . or whoever was involved . . . REALLY clever enough to keep this ruse going for over a year . . . not to mention willing to spend the time and energy to do it? 


--That brings up even bigger questions:  What's the motive?  Why would someone spend over a year playing this elaborate, cold prank on Manti?  What would they have to gain, that would be worth all that time and effort? 


--Or if Manti WAS involved, what would he have to gain by helping to execute this elaborate story?  Would the publicity and attention be enough to warrant a scheme of this magnitude?




Tools With Sports


More discussion of the Manti Te'o story.  Where are the phone records between the two?  Why does this guy have an internet girlfriend when as a star football player he should have a line of chicks.  We think he might be gay, and the imaginary girl is a beard.  This theory outrages Johnny.


The other big news in sports is the report that Tiger Woods has proposed to his ex-wife Elin Nordegren, even getting down on one knee and presenting a ring.  Nordegren is reportedly considering the proposal from Woods, who is desperate to get Nordegren back, but wants a $350 million anti-cheating clause added to the contract.  Wease says she must have the best peach ever.


 Call Of Duty 

One of the things that bothers Wease about the gun law controversy is that many uptight people are more concerned about kids being subjected to sexual imagery in media, and not the violence seen on TV and video games.  Wease is always disturbed when he sees Sammy playing "Call Of Duty".  Why isn't there a game called "Bang The Cheerleader".


Bonus Content:  Babes With Butt Floss


Doug With News

- Dozens Of Hostages Escape Captors

- Multiple Shots Fired On Lyell Ave.

- Blake Cognata Funeral Today

- Wegmans Still A Great Place To Work


Bonus ContentDid Taylor Swift Get A Boob Job?



Is Chivalry Dead?  Do Women Care? 

Good news, guys . . . according to a survey by a British website called socked.co.uk, we've acted like jerks for so long, women don't even EXPECT us to be gentlemen any more. 


--Not only that, but if a guy TRIES to be polite and respectful, a woman is probably going to be suspicious . . . and REFUSE his help. 


--Four in five women say they would rather pay for their OWN meal on a first date . . . and HALF are okay with paying the entire dinner bill.


--Nine out of 10 women would refuse a man's help if he offered to help her carry bags or something else heavy . . . and four out of five wouldn't accept a man's coat on a cold day. 


--Eleven out of 12 women say that if a man offered his seat to her . . . she wouldn't accept it. 


Wease says at his age he's not giving up his seat to a chick younger than him.. they can kiss his ass.  This also leads to a long discussion of couples splitting expenses, and when they should start sharing money.


WWFD Benefit



Tonight at The Comedy Club in Webster there is a benefit for the victims of the West Webster Christmas Eve fire tragedy.  Go to the club, get some laughs with 6 or 7 comics, and help a good cause.


These jokes from our prep service...

--Horsemeat has been found in hamburgers in Ireland:


     . . . People who ate them now have "the trots."  (Rim Shot!)


     . . . Some people have gotten sick from eating it.  They're in STABLE condition.  (Rim Shot!)


lead to Pauly talking about how he had eaten horse meat while living in Italy, and how once he found out what it was he didn't like it.  This story leads Wease to ask why it's ok to eat ugly animals like pigs, chickens, and cows.


Holiday Miracle


Leslie Zinck from Lovin' Cup Bistro and Brews at Park Point is in to promote their "Holiday Miracle" benefit this Sunday with lots of great live music, food, beverages, and more.  Get info HERE.  


One of the bands at Lovin' Cup is a Zac Brown Tribute Band, which causes Wease to wonder why there are tribute bands to young to have a long history


Jason Mewes


We speak to Jason Mewes, most famous for playing the foul-mouthed Jay in Kevin Smith movies like Clerks, Chasing Amy, and Dogma.  Jay is promoting a TV show on AXS he is hosting, the podcasts he hosts over at SModcast.com, the "Jay and Silent Bob Teabagging In The UK" DVD, and the other projects being worked on in the Kevin Smith world, like the potential of a Clerks 3.  Being a big fan, Billy is very happy speaking to Jason.



Geezers Vs. Douchebags

From the Dbags to the Geezers...


1. Everyone.. even the geezer generation.. has heard that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are not only dating.. but that Kim is expecting a baby.  Like Brangelina who is maybe the most famous.  It all started back when J-Lo and Ben Afleck were together and were deemed Bennifer.  Anyway.. what is Kim & Kanye’s couple nickname? (A- Kimye.. )  Wease and Billy get it right.


2. What video game theme is this? (A- Mario 3 )  No for the Geezers.


3. Catfish has come up a lot lately especially today with the Manti Te’o story.  What tv station does Catfish the tv show come on? (A- MTV.. ).  Geezers get it right.


From the Geezers to the Douches...


1. What TV did the phrase "Book 'em Danno" come from?  Guest D-bag Suki knew about "Hawaii 5-0"


2.  What facial feature was former Russian leader Mikhael Gorbachev famous for?  Suki bails out Pauly and Brooksie again by knowing about the blotchy birthmark on his head.


3.  What was the name of the guy that would tell grocery shoppers "Please don't squeeze the Charmin"?  They come up blank on Mr. Whipple.


A 2-2 tie means everyone wins.


Different Strokes For Different Folks


No, this isn't another tribute to the late Conrad Bain... it's a discussion of what different people find attractive.  For instance, Wease likes women that are skin and bones, using the phrase "the closer the bone the sweeter the meat".  I guess that explains why he loves Mila Kunis (and Doreen too)



Pauly on the other hand is a fan of curves, and appreciates some boobs and butt.


Suki says she's not a fan of athletic great looking guys, and would be just as happy with a pudgy guy that can make her laugh.  If Billy or Pauly were single they may make her prove it.


Lou Gramm In Studio


Lou is in studio to promote an appearance at Pineapple Jacks on Spencerport Road this Saturday night to benefit the West Webster Fire Department.  As Wease would say... their'll be about a 152 bands, food, drink, and lots of fun.  Stuff starts at 4pm, and Lou will be there at 5:30 for a couple hours.  Stop and see him.


Since "American Idol" started last night Wease asks Lou his thoughts.  The panel of judges seems to be a disaster... Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj are unlikable, Keith Urban is too quiet, and Randy Jackson just seems to be trying to hold the mess together.  Lou does say that if he was a young singer he would absolutely try out for Idol or a similar show.



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Tomorrow's Show/Plugs

Sexy Suki back with us tomorrow, along with film reviews from Marshall Fine, and the cast of one of Billy's favorite TV shows will be in studio, Tru TV's Impractical Jokers.  It's nice to be imprtant, but more important to be nice.  See ya.