Cold Cold Cold

Brrrr, it's 8 degrees with wind chill below zero.  We were supposed to get dumped with snow, but where we all live there was just a light dusting.  A caller from Williamson tells us we're lucky because he's got a foot of snow so far, and it's still coming down.


Because it's slippery this morning Jackie Nutt did a donut in the road on the way here... she didn't hit anything, and everything was ok, but she wants to know if the old rule about turning into the skid still holds true.  Many listeners call us with conflicting advice, but Thruway Steve says the rule now is to turn into the direction you want to go, and if you can't trust a guy named Thruway Steve who can you trust?


Wease also tells us about going to his daughter's school chorus concert last night, and how much he enjoyed watching not only Lucy's group, but also all the other groups of kids he didn't know.  He did think it was weird (one of those "Wease Show Coincidences") that one of the groups did the song "Africa" by Toto, which Wease played for the first time ever yesterday while we were talking to Toto's Steve Lukather.


 Tools With Sports


Wease LOVES the sweater John is wearing today... so much so that he says he's going to Marshall's (where Tool's got his) today hoping to find one just like it... despite the fact Johnny got his 5 years ago.  Good luck Wease.


Did you see this weird story in which former Raiders WR Tim Brown accused his coach of throwing Super Bowl XXXVII.  Lots of conspiracy theories happening here.


The Manti Te'o story keeps getting odder....

DIANE O'MEARA is the woman whose pictures were stolen and used to represent Lennay Kekua . . . MANTI TEO'S fake dead girlfriend.  She's now telling the "Today" show that she'd never heard of Manti Te'o before this broke earlier this month . . . and she considers the whole thing "twisted."  This piece of info leads to a debate of whether or not she's all that pretty.  Wease says she's a solid Flutie (7) but Tools and the rest of the guys say she's hotter.


One Million Likes

Taking his cue from the kids who convinced their parents to give them a puppy after getting 1 million likes on Facebook, Petter Kverneng of Norway got his high school crush Catherine to agree to sleep with him if he secured as many Facebook likes himself.


We call Petter this morning.  Nice kid, and he's not holding the girl to the deal, even though he's up to 1.4 million.  They're friends, it was meant as a joke, and he doesn't want to make his friend degrade herself... unless of course she offered too.


Also, because The Wease Show has the best and most prizes in Rochester radio we play "What Year Was It", with winners choosing from concert tix, sports tix, dinners, and more.  If there's something people want chances are we have it.


Bonus: Co-ed T*tty Tweeters


Shari Smith News

- Body of Missing Webster Man Found

- Bobbie Kugler Sentenced For Grape Street Fire

- Scotch N' Sirloin At Winton Place Closing

- Price Of Stamps Rising


 Beyonce Controversy

A spokeswoman for the Marine Corps Band came out yesterday and said that BEYONCÉ lip-synced her rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner" at PRESIDENT OBAMA'S inauguration on Monday.  She recorded the anthem because the cold would have negatively effected the bands instruments, and made it more difficult to sing.  We here at The Wease Show don't care if she lip synced... it was still her voice.  It's not like she was mouthing the words to Whitney Houston's version (which was also lip synced, by the way).  



Bonus: Beautiful Backside Picture Gallery (as long as we're talking Beyonce we may as well treat you to some other awesome assets)


Ask Wease

Via email... "Should women be turned off when men cry?"  According to pussy Wease, who cries at every movie and TV show he watches, absolutely not.  He thinks crying is a sign of caring, so he's not ashamed.


We all know Wease calls Doreen "Bubby".  Did he have nicknames for his first two wives?  Do "Ric Ocasek" and "Bitch" count?


Does Wease have any tips for a guy trying to get his first kiss from a girl he's dating.  Wease feels badly because he thinks he has the answers to everything, but is coming up blank.  A listener comes thru with a detailed description of how to go about obtaining the kiss.  Making the girl feel comfortable is the biggest part, but acting coy, not being a creep, etc... are all included.


Has Wease seen "Banshee"?  Nope, his cable bill is already too high, so he's trying not to make it higher by adding Cinemax.  Pauly has seen it, and likes it.


What's the worst thing someone has ever said to Wease in bed.  The answer is that they didn't want to be in bed with him anymore.  Pauly tells a story about a girlfriend admitting to faking an orgasm.


While we're at it, "Can I have tickets/dinner?" isn't a good question for Ask Wease, even though he'll probably say "yes".


Bonus Video:  Kate Upton Slo-Mo Car Wash


Wease: The Autobiography

A caller wants to know if Wease will ever write a book of his life.  Wease is worried that no one would buy it, and that no one involved in his darker days would want to be mentioned in the book.  Wease has so many stories he has thought about it, and thinks our buddy Marshall Fine would be the perfect guy to put Wease's words to page, along with Billy to be Wease's memory.  Who would play Wease in the movie?  Don Johnson?  Howard Hessman?  Jeff Bridges? 

Don Johnson


Howard Hessman


Jeff Bridges




We're joined in studio by Brian and Eric from PAWS, a great organization where the goal is to help abused animals in Rochester.  They tell us horrific stories of animals that have needed their assistance, and how they try and help.  Brian and Eric are here to promote the PAWSOME WINTER CHALLENGE.  Click on the links for more info, or how to help these great guys (Wease has nicknamed Eric "Jesus")


Maz Jobrani


We're joined on the phone by comedian Maz Jobrani, who has a new Showtime special this Saturday.  Maz tells us about being of Iranian descent and the problems it can cause, along with his touring with the "Axis Of Evil Comedy Tour", and acting on shows like "Curb Your Enthusiasm", and "West Wing".  Funny dude.


Redneck News Revisited

We get a call from a gentlemen named Clifford Mayo who was in our Redneck News segment a couple weeks ago, accused of assault, gouging the other dude's eye out, and other acts of violence.  He wants to let us know he was cleared of all charges, and he's upset the Times Of wayne County used a bad picture of him.


Azsheet Madrurs Is Dead 

This story of a Yemen terrorist that was killed leads Wease to play our favorite SNL bit of all time.  Enjoy Robert Deniro's list of known terrorists...



Plugs/Tomorrow's Show


More fun and information from 5am-noon tomorrow, including our favorite bit Geezers vs. Douchebags, Doug Emblidge will be back, and Wease will argue with Tools about sports like he always does.  It's nice to be important, but more important to be nice.  See ya.