Women In Combat

One of the big news stories this morning is Pentagon chief Leon Panetta removing the military's ban on women serving in the military.  Wease is curious what it would be like if women were in the field with him when he was in Viet Nam.  How horny would he have been with chicks around?  More seriously, a discussion of the pros and cons of females in combat.  This conversation leads to a memory being jogged in Billy's head, and he makes an admission.... women joining the army was the "plot" of the first porn movie he ever saw... a masterpiece called "Foxholes".  Lots of foxes with lots of holes.




Tools With Sports

Wease starts with a "This Day In History" challenge to Johnny...

31 years ago . . . in 1982 - The SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS beat the CINCINNATI BENGALS, 26-21, in SUPER BOWL 16.  It was the 49ers' first Super Bowl win.  JOE MONTANA was voted the game's MVP.  Johnny nails every detail, and even more things that happen in the game.


Tom Brady Fined 10K

Seau's Family Sues NFL Over Brain Injuries


A conversation of the various Hall Of Fame's... why is the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland?  Boxing's HOF in Canistota?  Football's in Canton?  Baseball's in Cooperstown?  Wow... they're all in town's that begin with "C".  That's the type of stuff you can learn right here.



 Wease Goes Down

Wease tells us something that happened to him yesterday that embarrassed him.  He stopped to do a little shopping, and on the way to his car with his bags he slipped on ice and fell.  Since he wasn't seriously hurt we find just the mental image of Wease's feet flying in the air, and landing on his ass, hilarious.  Where is the security footage on this?


BonusHysterical "People Vs. Winter" Fails


This story about RIT students accosted by gunmen in their home starts a lively debate between Wease and a listener about how Wease deals with people that disagree with him.  We get a very nice call from a conservative listener who disagrees with Wease on almost everything, but is entertained by him, and loves the show, and believes Wease gives all points of view an outlet.


Doug Emblidge Legit News

- Saranac Lake: 31 Degrees Below Zero

- Arrest Made In Death Of Fairport Soldier

- RPO Remmereit Supporters Lose Election

- Don Alhart Inks Multi Year Contract Extention

Regarding the Alhart story, Doug says he is very happy about this, and loves working with Don.


Attention Female Football Fans!!


If you're a HOT CHICK who wants to go to the Super Bowl, there's a guy offering a free ticket and hotel on Craigslist . . . but there are conditions.  Quote, "You must be hot and a Ravens fan . . . you will be expected to put out, at least HJ/BJ . . . you will have to hang with my aunt and uncle for at least a little bit."  But if you're good with all that, he promises it's, quote, "not a joke."

Bonus: Scantily Clad Football Fans


This leads to Pauly telling a story about the time he was offered a knobber in exchange for L'il Wayne tix, but after many email exchanges he chickened out.


We're joined by our friend Street Willie, who tells us some fart stories, and who doesn't love a good fart story?  What's that smell Willie?



Coming Out In High School

A high school senior in Parsippany, New Jersey decided to come out of the closet last Friday.  And he did it during an assembly speech in front of his ENTIRE SCHOOL.



--His name is Jacob Rudolph, and it was during an award ceremony for things like "Class Clown" and "Most Likely to Succeed."  Jacob won "Best Actor."  Here's part of what he said at the podium . . .



--Quote, "I've been in a few plays and musicals, but more importantly, I've been acting every single day of my life. . ."



--"You see, I've been acting as someone I'm not.  Most of you see me every day [. . .] acting the part of 'straight' Jacob, when I am in fact LGBT."



--You can check out the video online.  At first, there was a lot of chatter from the crowd, and it wasn't really clear what their reaction was.  But then when he finished talking, he got a standing ovation.




While Wease is happy that society has advanced to the point where this kids coming out is accepted and cheered, we also notice how everybody seems to be be talking while this assembly is taking place, instead of paying attention to the speaker.


This leads to a very long discussion of the way things have changed... the lack of respect shown, kids misbehaving in school, and much much more.  Thanks so much to all the listeners that called during this set with their opinions, thoughts, and facts they supplied.  Our boss actually liked the conversation so much he emailed to tell us so.


Valentine's Wimmin's Is Crazy

Have you ever had the discussion with your girlfriend or wife where she goes, "Don't worry about Valentine's Day this year.  We don't need to make a big deal."?  Then when February 14th rolls around, and you haven't made any plans, she's FURIOUS?



--It happens ALL THE TIME.  According to a new survey, more than one in eight women have told a guy not to worry about Valentine's Day . . . then gotten upset when it actually happened.


Why do women do this?  Everyone of us has bought that "I don't want anything" jive, and everyone one of us has gotten in trouble.


The other side of the coin are nice guys like Pauly who has tried to show his affection and appreciation too much, and once a girlfriend dumped him because he was too nice, and bought her too many things... which devastated Pauly to the point where it was the one time he cut himself.  Luckily for everyone he wound up only getting a 1 inch cut, instead of finishing his plan of spelling "Ashley" on his leg.


Willie says he's never told a women he's loved her... "lick 'em, stick 'em, and send them on their way like a postage stamp". 


Here's Willie and a lady from Monroe Community Hospital he danced with recently.


Geezers Vs. Douchebags

It's Wease and Billy battling Pauly and Brooksie in our weekly battle of pop culture knowledge...

From Geezers to Dbags:

1.  There is a headline in this morning's USA Today that Apple sales are slipping.  Before Apple was a tech company there was a record company called Apple Records.  Who owned Apple Records?  They came close, but didn't guess The Beatles
2.  What was the name of the 70's TV show where David Carradine played Caine, who wandered the West helping people with his combination of philosophy and martial arts?  The dbags have never heard of one of Wease's favorite shows... Kung Fu
3.  It's in the news that the voice of Charlie Brown in such classic TV specials as "A Charlie Brown Christmas" was arrested for stalking.  This would disappoint the man that drew the Peanuts comic strip for 50 years.  Who was the artist that created Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the gang?  Brooksie did know Charles Shultz.
From the Douches To The Geez...

1. Beyonce made news this week for her rendition of the National Anthem at President Obama's inauguration.  Who were the other 2 members of Destiny's Child besides Beyonce?  Billy remembered Michelle Williams, but blanked on Kelly Rowland.


2.  Who made news this week because of a new hairstyle... namely "bangs".  Everyone knew about Michelle Obama.


3.  When the Magic Trolley went threw Mr. Rogers living room where was it heading.  Billy grew up with the Land Of Make Believe.



PETER ROBBINS . . . the man who provided the ORIGINAL voice of Charlie Brown . . . was arrested for stalking and making violent threats.  Robbins was arrested at a border crossing in San Diego after a background check turned up a warrant. 



--There's no word what he did, but the official charges against him are one count of stalking and four counts of making a threat to cause death or great bodily injury.  All five are felonies.



--Robbins is 56 years old now.  He was 9 when he became the first person to voice Charlie Brown, in the 1965 special "A Boy Named Charlie Brown".



--He continued doing the character until the age of 13 . . . in such specials as "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown".



Have you heard about the new Charlie Brown cartoon special?  "You're A Stalker Charlie Brown". 



Wease tells us about the time he had a stalker.  She'd show up at his house, gigs, the tattoo shop, and other places he used to go... occasionally bringing her kids.  Wease actually managed to turn down all the sexual favors being offered because he knew she was potentially dangerous (even though he was single for at least part of the time). 


Tomorrow's Show/Plugs

Busy show tomorrow... Tools and Doug as always, plus one of our favorite comedians, and former Wease cohost, Earl David Reed, Marshall Fine reviewing the new movies, and Police Chief Shephard addressing situations in Rochester.  Maybe we can get the chief to play "Black Or White" with Wease and Earl.  It's nice to be important, but more important to be nice.